dbForge Studio for MySQL Lizenzierung

Wenn Sie Ihre Lizenzanforderungen für dbForge Studio for MySQL besprechen möchten, kontaktieren Sie bitte unsere Devart Lizenzierungsspezialisten.

Single User License: Install, activate, operate, and use the software on one computer per license. You may also install, activate, operate, and use an additional copy of the software on a second computer, portable device or laptop for the exclusive use of the primary user.

Enterprise extends the features of the Professional edition with Data Generator, Copy Databases, and Database Documenter functionality.

Professional includes the following functionality: database projects; schema comparison; data comparison; debugging stored procedures, functions, triggers, and scripts; creation of complex queries; intelligent SQL coding, etc.

Standard includes a MySQL stored routine debugger, Query Builder, code snippets, object search, Data Export and Data Import wizards.

Subscription benefits:

  • Free access to any product upgrades and releases for 1 year
  • Personal support - timely help, bug fixes, access to resources for 1 year


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Januar 01, 2020