dbForge Studio for MySQL Releases

Released: May 15, 2020

Updates in V9.0.304


  • Find Invalid Objects - This new feature allows you to search through database schemas for invalid objects that require recompilation.
  • Support for New Objects - Allows working with the following objects established in MariaDB 10.3:
    • Packages.
    • Sequences.
  • Connectivity Improvements
    • Connectivity support for MariaDB 10.5 and SkySQL has been implemented to ensure that the users of dbForge Studio for MySQL can work with the latest database engines and cloud database solutions.
    • The Property...

Released: Aug 6, 2019

Updates in V8.2.23

Updates in V8.2.23

  • Problem with connection to Azure Database for MySQL is fixed (T289434).

Released: Jul 30, 2019

Updates in V8.2.21


  • Support for Check Constraints for MySQL.


  • Fixed problem with script generation.
  • Fixed problem with incorrect foreign key creation.
  • Fixed problem with procedure debugging.
  • Fixed problem with Excel data export.

Released: Jan 15, 2019

Updates in V8.1.22


  • Added support for MariaDB 10.4.


  • Fixed issue in Data Viewer PDF view mode.
  • Fixed issue in Data Viewer Spatial view mode.
  • Fixed issue with comparison of objects names with different cases.
  • Fxied problem in Data Population Wizard.
  • Fixed problem in SQL Document.

Released: Jun 21, 2018

Updates in V8.0.40


  • Support for MySQL Server 8.0 - dbForge Studio for MySQL provides full support for all features of MySQL Server 8.0.
  • Connectivity support for MariaDB v10.3 - dbForge Studio for MySQL allows you to connect and work with MariaDB v10.3.
  • Connection support for Tencent Cloud - Connect to Tencent Cloud, a relational database cloud service that allows deploying and using MySQL databases in the cloud.
  • Keywords Navigation - Navigate between keywords in SQL Editor. To navigate between keywords...

Released: Mar 27, 2018

Updates in V7.4.201


  • Data Export and Import
    • Support for Google Sheets - Now, you can easily migrate table data between your MySQL tables and Google Spreadsheets. All you need to do is to specify the URL/ID of your Google Spreadsheets table, and our handy Data Wizard will do the rest of work for you.
    • Data Export to SQL with Bulk Insert Option - When exporting data to SQL as the INSERT statement, you can select the USE Bulk Insert option and set the bulk size. The option boosts data export and saves time...

Released: Feb 20, 2018

Updates in V7.3.148


  • dbForge Studio for MySQL crash.
  • Problem with toolbar Connection fixed
  • Different precision for equal columns issue fixed.
  • Code Debugger issue fixed.
  • Data Report issues fixed.
  • Generate Script from Data Editor/Viewer issue fixed.
  • Poor performance issues fixed.
  • Foreign Key issue fixed.
  • Database Charset issue fixed.
  • Spatial data view issues fixed.
  • Data Export issue fixed.
  • Schema Comparison after database restoring issue fixed.
  • Backup issue fixed.
  • Database Project issue fixed.
  • View...

Released: Dec 7, 2017

Updates in V7.3.131


  • Enterprise Edition - New Enterprise Edition includes the following exclusive features:
    • Data Generator allows instant generation of meaningful test data.
    • Database Documenter allows database documentation generation in HTML, PDF, and Markdown file formats.
    • Use Copy Database for copying a set of databases without generating and running a script.
  • Connectivity
    • Support for MariaDB 10.1 and 10.2.
    • Support for MariaDB Galera Cluster 10.0 Series.
    • Support for Google Cloud Platform.
    • Support for...

Released: Nov 10, 2016

Updates in V7.2.34


  • Database Design - Visual Object Editors have been totally redesigned.
  • Database Search - The Database Search tool has been completely redesigned for optimal searching of objects and data.
  • Administration - Redesigned Table Maintenance wizard.
  • Connectivity - Connection through Named Pipe implemented.
  • Data Editor and Viewer Window
    • Improved XML View.
    • New JSON View.
  • Other improvements - Styled icons are used by default.

Released: Sep 19, 2016

Updates in V7.1.26


  • Implemented the ability to copy table headers without types.


  • Fixed several user reported issues with the quick filter in Data Editor and Viewer.