DevExpress .NET MAUI

Multi-Plattform-App-Bibliothek mit leistungsstarken UI-Komponenten für die mobile Android- und iOS-Entwicklung.

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Version: 23.2.5 NEU Letzte Aktualisierung: Mar 14, 2024


For a limited time, you can download and use the DevExpress .NET MAUI component suite free-of-charge. Please contact us for more information.

Technical support for DevExpress .NET MAUI is available as part of DevExpress Universal.

DevExpress .NET MAUI 23.2.3

Released: Dec 13, 2023

Updates in 23.2.3


  • Added Microsoft .NET 8 support.
  • Material Design Color Themes - DevExpress .NET MAUI Controls ship with 10 built-in color themes (including dark and light options). DevExpress themes follow Material Design 3 guidelines. You can apply predefined themes or use the Theme class to create a custom color theme. Color themes automatically update their colors after each change to an accent color in Android.
  • New PDF Viewer Control - The high-performance PDF Viewer control allows you to display PDF files on mobile devices. The PDF Viewer can display PDFs from a file, stream, or uri. Features include:
    • Page Navigation (go to a page, previous page, next page, last page, first page).
    • Bookmark and Cross-reference Navigation.
    • Document Page Layouts (single page, side-by-side, or mixed).
    • Page Thumbnails.
    • Text Search.
    • Toolbar.
    • Zoom.
  • New HTML Edit Control - The new HTML Editor allows you to display and edit formatted text. As its name implies, the control uses HTML as an internal data format. Features include:
    • Text Formatting (font size, font attributes, color, background, etc.).
    • Insert Images.
    • Lists.
    • Headers.
    • Hyperlinks.
    • Toolbar.
    • Comprehensive API.
  • New Circular Gauge Control - The new Gauge control (RadialGauge) visualizes data across a circular scale. The Gauge control ships with various state indicators, markers, tickmarks, scale layouts, animation effects, custom draw API, and more. With the new .NET MAUI Circular Gauge control you can introduce stunning data visualizations in your next great mobile app.
  • New Image Edit Control - With the new Image Editor (ImageEdit) you can integrate image editing capabilities in your mobile application. The Image Editor allows you to crop, rotate, flip, and save the modified image (JPEG/PNG format) to a stream, base64 string, or image source. Whether you need a circular or square image, the editor's API allows you to configure the crop area as needed.
  • New Toolbar Control - The .NET MAUI Toolbar (DXToolbar) allows you to create compact and adaptive command UIs for mobile applications. The Toolbar supports the following UI elements:
    • Button.
    • Navigation Button.
    • Toggle Button.
    • Color Picker.
    • Text.
    • Separator.
    • Custom Commands (Items).
  • New Radial Progress Bar - The Radial Progress Bar allows you to communicate application state and provide feedback for data intensive operations to your users. The control supports indeterminate state and ships with various customization options (including animations, appearance and layout settings).
  • New Layout Panels - v23.2 includes three adaptive layout containers so you can quickly arrange UI controls in your mobile application.
    • Stack Layout - The Stack Layout panel (DXStackLayout) arranges UI elements vertically or horizontally. Unlike standard .NET MAUI stack panels, DXStackLayout allows you to evenly stretch child elements based on available space. As you would expect, you can define item spacing, alignment and other layout options to produce the best possible layout.
    • Dock Layout - The Dock Layout panel (DXDockLayout) can dock UI elements to any side of your mobile application, extending user interface design options.
    • Wrap Layout - The Wrap Layout panel (DXWrapLayout) organizes UI elements in a left-to-right sequence to effectively use mobile screen space. As your content reaches the viewport's edge, the panel wraps it to the next line/row.
    • Safe Keyboard Area View - The SafeKeyboardAreaView control automatically reduces content height when the device keyboard appears (preventing overlap issues). You can also display custom content in the device keyboard area, freeing up more space for UI elements.
  • New Button Control - A completely new DXButton control was designed to replace the SimpleButton. Advantages include:
    • New button states (accent, outlined, filled, text, and toolbutton).
    • Support for custom themes (based the new theme engine).
    • Customizable icon size.
  • New Toggle Button - The new Toggle Button (DXToggleButton) is a button used to select one of two mutually exclusive options/values. The Toggle Button supports custom themes and new button states (accent, outlined, filled, text, and toolbutton). And yes, you can arrange Toggle Buttons in a radio group.
  • Border - The Border (DXBorder) is a container control with a border. You can specify different border thicknesses for different sides. Unlike its standard counterpart, the DXBorder fills all available space if its BorderThickness property is set to 0.
  • Content Presenter - The Content Presenter control allows you to reuse your DataTemplate in your mobile application. The control can display an icon, text, and a border.
  • Color Selector - As its name implies, the Color Selector control allows users to select a color from available options. The Color Selector displays 10 preset color options (by default). Color options are fully configurable and are not limited to 10. You can add your own colors or create a completely custom color palette. Also implemented beautiful color selection animations to improve the user experience.
  • Separator - The Separator control is designed to visually separate UI elements (vertically or horizontally). You can specify its length, thickness, and margins. And yes, the Separator control supports the color themes, so you can ensure a consistent look and feel across your mobile app.
  • Source Code - The Universal Subscription now includes the source code of the .NET MAUI components.
  • DateEdit Popup - Customize Buttons - You can use the DateEdit.PickerButtonAreaTemplate property to define a custom DataTemplate with a custom layout.
  • CollectionView - New Events - The Collection View includes a new Scrolled event. Handle this event to hide the toolbar or fast access buttons (FAB) when users begin scrolling the Collection View. This allows you to use screen space more efficiently.
  • Chips - Content Template - Use the Chip.ContentTemplate property to customize the inner content of Chips. Also introduced this property in the filter elements.
  • Input Chip Group - TextChanged Event - The InputChipGroup control includes a new InputChipGroup.TextChanged event.