dotConnect for PostgreSQL Releases

Released: Dec 23, 2019

Updates in V7.16.1541


  • Added support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 version 16.5 Preview.


  • Fixed bug using Toolbox component PgSqlDataSource in Microsoft Visual Studio 2013, 2015, 2017 and 2019 web projects.
  • Fixed bug enabling Devart DataSet Editor in Visual Studio 2017 and Visual Studio 2019.

Released: Oct 31, 2019

Updates in V7.15.1504


  • Added support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 version 16.4 Preview.

Released: Oct 24, 2019

Updates in V7.15.1499


  • Added support for PostgreSQL 12.
  • Added support for "Optimize rendering for screens with different pixel densities" feature of Microsoft Visual Studio 2019.


  • Fixed bug inserting data into GEOMETRY columns.
  • Fixed bug updating TEXT columns in UTF8 databases.

Released: Sep 13, 2019

Updates in V7.14.1470


  • Improved integration with Microsoft Visual Studio 2019. Now the installation detects both 2019 Release and 2019 Preview versions.


  • Fixed bug with System.NullReferenceException instead of actual error in Workflow Foundation.

Released: Jul 25, 2019

Updates in V7.13.1437


  • Fixed bug applying a value converter to a nullable column in EF Core 2.
  • Fixed bug using DbFunctions.TruncateTime in EF6.

Released: Jun 6, 2019

Updates in V7.13.1402


  • Added support for Entity Framework Core 2.2.4.
  • Deprecated design-time Synchronous API calls are no longer used with Visual Studio 2019 and Visual Studio 2017.

Released: Apr 11, 2019

Updates in V7.13.1366


  • Adds support for Visual Studio 2019.

Released: Mar 28, 2019

Updates in V7.12.1357


  • Support for Visual Studio 2019 Release Candidate 4.

Released: Jan 10, 2019

Updates in V7.12.1307


  • Added support for PostgreSQL.


  • Fixed bug connecting to a database with .NET Standard 1.3 compatible assemblies on .NET Framework 4.6.0 run-time.

Released: Jun 21, 2018

Updates in V7.11.1172


  • Added support for SSH connections.
  • Added support for SSL in .NET Standard 2.0 provider assemblies.
  • PgSqlDependency class is now supported in the .NET Standard 1.3 version of the provider assemblies.
  • Added Unknown value to the Severity enum.
  • Added SeverityMessage property to the PgSqlException and PgSqlError classes for returning a severity message.
  • The following static properties have been added to PgSqlLocalization: ServerMessageSeverityError, ServerMessageSeverityFatal...