GdPicture.NET Document Imaging SDK

Integrieren Sie eine erweiterte eDIP (Document Image Processing) in Ihre .NET-Anwendungen.

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GdPicture.NET Document Imaging SDK is now only available to existing customers. Please contact us to get a quote if you want to add new licenses, renew your subscription or upgrade from an older version. If you do not own Document Imaging SDK then please purchase GdPicture.NET Licenses here.

GdPicture.NET Document Imaging SDK Releases

Released: Jan 14, 2020

Updates in v14.1.xx


Updated Oct 9, 2020

  • Improved SVG rendering engine.
  • GdViewer (COM/ActiveX edition): new property hWnd.
  • Battery of minor bug fixes.


Updated Oct 1, 2020

  • Improved SVG renderer.
  • Battery of minor bug fixes.


Updated Sep 23, 2020

  • GdViewer: new property: ClipRegionsToPageBounds.
  • Improved SVG rendering engine.
  • Improved memory usage.
  • Battery of minor bug fixes.


Updated Sep 17, 2020

  • Battery of minor bug fixes.


Updated Sep 10, 2020

  • Battery of minor bug fixes.

Released: Oct 17, 2019

Updates in v14.1.4x


Updated Jan 4, 2020

  • Improved PDF/OCR generation.
  • Improved office format rendering engines.
  • Battery of minor bug fixes.


Updated Dec 21, 2019

  • Improved PDF rasterizer engine.
  • Improved PDF generator engine.
  • Improved office formats rasterizer engine.
  • Improved loading speed of large office files.
  • Improved support for more than 4 GB PDF files.
  • GdPictureSegmenter: new method SetROI().
  • GdPictureSegmenter: new method ResetROI().
  • GdPicturePDF: Improved resource optimization in...

Released: Oct 8, 2019

Updates in v14.1.39


  • Improved MRC engine.
  • Improved OMR engine speed and accuracy.
  • Dramatically improved PDF/OCR generation.
  • Improved SVG rendering engine.
  • Added support for external OCR engine usage during PDF/OCR generation.
  • DocuVieware: new property DisableAnnotationPrinting.
  • GdPicturePDF: new method MergePages().
  • GdPicturePDF: new method SetOverrideOcrEngine().
  • GdPicturePDF: new method GetOverrideOcrEngine().
  • GdPicturePDF: new event ExternalOcrPageRequest.
  • New class added: PdfOcrOptions.

Note: A Plugin...

Released: Sep 30, 2019

Updates in v14.1.38


  • Improved SVG rendering engine.
  • Improved digital signing support with the .NET core edition.
  • Dramatically Improved MRC engine: accuracy, speed and produced document quality.
  • Dramatically improved OCR speed and accuracy.
  • Improved .NET Core 3 edition. (now based on the final .NET core 3.0 release).
  • DocuVieware: new JavaScript function LoadFromBase64().

Note: A Plugin may be required for some features.


  • Battery of minor bug fixes.

Released: Sep 18, 2019

Updates in v14.1.37


  • Added support for converting SVG images to vector PDF documents.
  • ThumbnailEx control (WinForm): improved drop shadow appearance and rendering speed.
  • Improved PDF optimizer engine.
  • Improved SVG rendering engine.
  • Improved document printing support.
  • Improved Office formats rendering engine.
  • DocuVieware: new method LoadFromByteArray().
  • DocuVieware: new method LoadFromFile().
  • DocuVieware: new method BurnAnnotations().

Note: A Plugin may be required for some features.


Released: Sep 10, 2019

Updates in v14.1.36


  • Improved PDF encryption support.
  • Improved Office formats renderers.
  • Improved DocuVieware data transfer performances.
  • Improved DocuVieware TWAIN controller.
  • GdPictureDocumentConverter class: new methods ConvertToPDF().
  • GdPictureDocumentConverter class: new methods CombineToPDF().
  • GdPictureDocumentConverter class: new property TxtPageWidth.
  • GdPictureDocumentConverter class: new property TxtPageHeight.
  • GdPictureDocumentConverter class: new property TxtPageMarginLeft...

Released: Sep 3, 2019

Updates in v14.1.35

Updates in v14.1.35

  • Improved PDF/A converter engine.
  • Improved XLSX format rendering and conversion to PDF.
  • Improved performance and stability of the GdPicture.NET COM/ActiveX edition.
  • DocuVieware: improved stability and performance under high server loads.
  • Battery of minor bug fixes.

Note: A Plugin may be required for some features.

Released: Aug 29, 2019

Updates in v14.1.34

Updates in v14.1.34

  • Improved PDF reducer engine.
  • Improved Office format rendering.
  • Improved TWAIN support.
  • GdPictureImaging: new method TwainImagePreview().
  • GdPicturePDF: new overload DeleteOCG() to specify if OCG content shall be removed.
  • DocuVieware: improved TWAIN Controller UX.
  • DocuVieware: improved TWAIN acquisition speed.
  • DocuVieware: new Javascript function GetPageWidth().
  • DocuVieware: new Javascript function GetPageHeight().
  • DocuVieware: added the possibility to undo drawings of freehand...

Released: Aug 16, 2019

Updates in v14.1.33

Updates in v14.1.33

  • Improved PDF form-fields support.
  • DocuVieware: dramatically improved TWAIN scanning controller (speed and memory usage).
  • XLSX rasterizer engine: improved support for cell/text formatting.
  • Battery of minor bug fixes.

Note: A Plugin may be required for some features.

Released: Aug 13, 2019

Updates in v14.1.32

Updates in v14.1.32

  • New:
    • Improved PNG file creation speed and compression rate.
    • Improved TIFF image creation speed and compression rate (when Deflate encoding is used).
    • Improved PDF reducer engine (compression speed and rate).
    • GdPictureDocumentConverter: new property PdfEnableColorDetection.
    • DocuVieware: improved global performances.
    • DocuVieware: introduced a new adaptive raster cache mechanism which dramatically speed-up transfer content of reused documents.
    • DocuViewareControl: new property...