MadCap Analyzer

MadCap Analyzer is an analytic tool for your Flare projects. It helps you find critical issues immediately, such as missing content or broken links, and non-critical technical issues such as unused style sheets or images that can be removed from projects. Create custom reports and share information with documentation teams and managers to identify issues, track progress and ensure quality and efficiency in your documentation.

MadCap Analyzer Features

MadCap Analyzer Will Scan Your Project to Identify Issues Including

  • Broken Links
  • Duplicate Styles in Style Sheets
  • Duplicate TOC Items
  • Broken Image Links
  • Broken Bookmarks
  • Undefined Variables, Condition Tags, File Tags and Conditions
  • Non-XML Topics

As Well As Used and Unused Items Including

  • Snippets
  • Topics
  • Styles
  • Variables
  • Map IDs
  • Images

Analyzer Will Improve Your Content Quality and Re-use by Identifying and Making Suggestions for Items

  • Index Keyword Suggestions
  • Snippet...

Aktuelle Neuigkeiten

MadCap Analyzer 9 released
MadCap Analyzer 9 released
March 16, 2016Veröffentlichung mit neuen Funktionen
64Bit support improves performance for large projects.
MadCap Analyzer 8 released
MadCap Analyzer 8 released
June 17, 2015Veröffentlichung mit neuen Funktionen
New version allows you to edit Universal 3D (U3D) objects in Flare topics.
MadCap Analyzer improves Search and Replace
MadCap Analyzer improves Search and Replace
August 28, 2014Veröffentlichung mit neuen Funktionen
New version adds whole word searching.
MadCap Analyzer released
MadCap Analyzer released
April 8, 2013Pressemitteilung
Analyze, report on and improve your project content.
Perpetual User License: License is per named user and is perpetual. Subscription User License: You are licensed to use the software for the subscription period only. The subscription period begins on...

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