Oxygen Feedback Releases

Released: Feb 1, 2024

Updates in V4.1 Build ID: 2024013118


Admin Interface

  • Site Overview Information in the Site Dashboard - You can now get all relevant site information at a glance, such as the activity stream, the various versions defined for that site, a chart presenting the status overview for the existing comments, page views, page ratings, and more. All of these are available from the new Site Dashboard page that is the default page for a site.
  • Warning for Sites and Versions with no Page Views - Warning messages and indicators are...

Released: Nov 1, 2023

Updates in V4.0 Build ID: 2023110114


Oxygen Feedback Search Engine Enhancements

  • Semantic Search - A Semantic search is a data searching technique that delivers more accurate results by understanding the real intent behind the search and providing an enhanced user experience. Oxygen XML WebHelp now supports semantic searches to help produce more relevant search results. To enable this feature, integration with the OpenAI platform is required, which involves specifying an API key.
  • Faceted Search - A Faceted search enables...

Released: Aug 30, 2023

Updates in V3.0.3 Build ID: 2023083012


Site Settings page

  • The option to display the "Powered by Oxygen Feedback" link is now available for all paid subscription plans. Previously it was only available for Business and Corporate plans.


Content Indexing and Search

  • Fixed the case where no results were obtained when searching in Chinese content with a term of 3 or more characters.

Released: Jul 26, 2023

Updates in V3.0.2 Build ID: 2023072015


Component Update

  • Updated Spring Boot Dependencies to version 2.7.13.
  • Updated the Spring Security library to version 5.7.8.
  • Updated Apache Tomcat to version 9.0.76.
  • Updated the jackson-core, jackson-databind, and jackson-annotations libraries to version 2.15.1.


Page Ratings

  • Fixed an issue that prevented admins from accessing rating messages for pages with special characters in the file path.

Search Engine

  • Fixed an issue that prevented index to be created.

Released: May 5, 2023

Updates in V3.0.1 Build ID: 2023050410


Comments Component

  • A 'Reply to this thread' button is now available at the end of the list of replies. This makes it easier to reply to a thread when other replies already exist.


Comments Component

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Comments component to be loaded in WebHelp Responsive 24.1 or older outputs when Content Indexing was enabled.

Search Engine

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the search engine to return results for search queries containing hyphened compound...

Released: Mar 16, 2023

Updates in V3.0.0


Content Indexing and Search Functionality

  • Content Indexing - A new Content Indexing and Search section has been added within the administration interface. This new section has an option to enable or disable content indexing functionality. Note that the content indexing functionality requires the output to be generated using Oxygen WebHelp version 25 or later.
  • Automatic Re-indexing - When content indexing is enabled, the indexing is automatically triggered every five minutes (when...