Hydra Releases

Released: Mar 1, 2022

Updates in v6.5.x


Updated Mar 1, 2022


  • Microsoft .NET Core plugins in Embarcadero Delphi hosts.
  • COM plugins in .NET and Delphi hosts.
  • Improved support for non-admin users.
  • Improved managed plugin loader in Hydra for Delphi.
  • Added support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2022.

Released: Aug 11, 2021

Updates in v6.4.x


Updated Aug 11, 2021


  • A range of improvements across the board of all four Hydra tool platforms - Delphi, .NET, Java, and Island, as well a thorough under-the-hood refactoring and cleanup.

Released: Jun 10, 2019

Updates in v6.2.x


Updated Dec 4, 2019


  • Support for Delphi 10.3.3.
  • Improved support for Lazarus/free Pascal.


Updated Jun 10, 2019


  • 82503: HY/Delphi: Compatibility with Lazarus/Free Pascal.
  • 82186: HY/Java: Support for OpenJDK and JDK 9+.
  • 82218: Integration with Microsoft Visual Studio 2019.


  • 82223: HY/N: Update project templates.
  • 82465: HYD: .NET Interface Importer creates incorrect parameter definitions for TGuid parameter type.
  • 82130: HYD: Cannot load .NET plugin containing...

Released: Feb 20, 2019

Updates in v6.1.97


  • Uses new COM Interface support in Elements/Island.


  • .NET to Delphi importer creates incorrect definitions for indexed properties.
  • .NET to Delphi importer doesn't generate inherited interfaces in proper order (base interfaces should go first).
  • .NET to Delphi importer should use const modifier for method parameters by default.
  • .NET to Delphi importer uses incorrect type name for Byte[].
  • HY/.NET: .NET WPF Visual Plugins are being released too early.
  • Hydra/.NET: Resources...

Released: Nov 28, 2018

Updates in v6.1.95


  • Adds Java plugins in Delphi hosts.
  • Adds support for Delphi 10.3 Rio.
  • Adds support for integration with RemObjects' Water.
  • HY/.NET: Move assembly parser from PERWAPI to Mono.Cecil.
  • HY/.NET: Switch Delphi Unit import to CG4.
  • HY/Delphi: Update GUI for Tools -> Hydra -> Import Interfaces from .NET Assemblies.
  • HY/Java: Provide better exception messages for exceptions happened in the Java plugin.
  • Hydra/Island: Templates for Iodine/island.

Released: Jul 19, 2018

Updates in 6


  • Plug-in framework now includes mixing .NET, Delphi and Island code in the same app.
  • .NET host applications can now load Java runtime code and have it run (and show visually) next to your existing .NET, Delphi and/or Island application logic.
  • Java plugins can be visual or non-visual.
  • Java plugins can be written in any language targeting the Java Runtime (JVM), including the Java language itself, as well as third party languages such as Kotlin, Closure or C#, Oxygene or Swift.
  • Hydra...

Released: Mar 23, 2018

Updates in v5.0.91


  • 79755: Expose method to allow control Tab focus flow in WPF plugins.
  • 79361: Hydra components are missing from Visual Studio 2017 toolbox.
  • 79600: Tab works incorrectly in WPF plugins when AcceptsTab is enabled in a TextBox.

Released: Oct 17, 2017

Updates in v5.0.89 (Build 1157)


  • 78586: HY/D: additional guard code for THYVCLCrossPlatformVisualPluginWrapper.
  • 78237: HY/D: compatibility with ExpressBars 17.1.4.
  • 78228: HY/D doesn't "Install Import from .NET Assemblies" if VS is not installed.
  • 78098: Installer does not detect VS2017 running.
  • 78589: Int32 is used to store handles on x64 platform.
  • 78184: Provide better error message when Delphi ModuleController cannot instantiate .NET plugin due to lic error.
  • 78525: Race condition in the lic validation code...

Released: Jul 11, 2017

Updates in 5.0.87 (Build 1149)


  • Dropped support for VS2012.
  • Delphi: Remove the 'Download Hydra License' menu item in RAD Studio.
  • Delphi: update menu in IDE.
  • Hydra samples are not displayed on the Everwood Welcome Screen in VS2017.
  • .NET NonVisual plugin misses one of the cross-platform interface definitions.
  • .NET: Update Delphi WPF sample.
  • Instantiation of WPF plugin fails in Delphi host.

Released: Apr 13, 2017

Updates in 5


  • New: Build native plugins in C#, Oxygene, Swift and Java with "Island" in Elements 9.1.
  • Added support for Delphi 10.2.
  • Added support for Visual Studio 2017.
  • Create Silver templates for Hydra Project Items and Projects.


  • Update Hydra IDE package to use updated IDE integration code (based on RO SDK one).
  • IHYCrossPlatformNonVisualPlugin should have the same declarations on different platforms.
  • FMX plugin: host window lose active window state.
  • Hydra: Drop outdated samples...