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ActivePDF WebGrabber is a .NET developer tool to convert webpages or raw HTML files into PDF documents. Take the guess work out of deployment when you want to deliver consistent, reliable, and predictable HTML-to-PDF conversion. Generate high-quality, compact PDF files from HTML or URLs using a familiar standards-based language. WebGrabber’s .NET SDK provides ease of navigation within the PDF, while creating a more natural web-style viewing experience to access targeted content. In a single application, you can choose between a native engine or the Internet Explorer (IE) engine, depending on which browser you’re using. The engine type can be set system wide or on an individual project basis.

ActivePDF WebGrabber Features:

  • Add company logos and watermarks to PDF output.
  • Add document metadata during conversion.
  • Centralized control over conversion settings.
  • Choose your HTML rendering engine on a job-by-job basis.
  • Concatenate output to existing PDF.
  • Configurable for both superior performance and high fidelity.
  • Control font embedding and subsetting options.
  • Control image options, including downsampling.
  • Convert HTML form fields to their PDF equivalents.
  • Customize output page dimensions...

Dernières nouvelles

ActivePDF WebGrabber Enterprise 8.1.2
ActivePDF WebGrabber Enterprise 8.1.2
Ajoute le nouvel utilitaire WebGrabber avec Internet Explorer, ainsi que la prise en charge de Microsoft Windows Server 2019.
ActivePDF WebGrabber Enterprise 8.1.0
ActivePDF WebGrabber Enterprise 8.1.0
Inclut une mise à niveau majeure vers le convertisseur de moteur natif, la prise en charge de Windows Server 2016, et JSON remplace XML.
ActivePDF WebGrabber Enterprise 2016 R2.1
ActivePDF WebGrabber Enterprise 2016 R2.1
La dernière version de maintenance inclut un correctif essentiel pour le maintien de la prise en charge de Microsoft Internet Explorer.
ActivePDF WebGrabber Enterprise 2016 R2.0
ActivePDF WebGrabber Enterprise 2016 R2.0
Comprend des corrections de bogues, ainsi que deux nouvelles fonctionnalités de sélection de profils PDF et WebGrabber personnalisés.
activePDF WebGrabber Enterprise 2016 R1.0
activePDF WebGrabber Enterprise 2016 R1.0
Improves the overall quality of HTML to PDF conversion.
Annual Production Licenses (1 Year Term): The Annual License allows you to use the software for a 12 month period for production use only, execution of the software for the purposes of running day to...

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