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SharpShooter Collection.Win 7.5.0

1 Full Developer License

Nostro Codice #: CS-518063-1134971

Licenza & Consegna $ 1,176.00 Aggiungi al carrello
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  • SharpShooter Collection Windows Forms Edition (103.4 MB)

1 Additional Developer License (requires that you already own a Full Developer License)

Nostro Codice #: CS-518063-1134973

Licenza & Consegna $ 588.00 Aggiungi al carrello

Le condizioni di licenza di questo prodotto richiedono la verifica dell'idoneità prima dell'invio.

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  • SharpShooter Collection Additional License (103.4 MB)

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One software license is required per Developer.
Run-time royalty free.

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  • Reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble or separate PRODUCT constituent parts for use on more than one computer, nor place for distribution, sale, or resale as individual creations by the Developer End User
  • Distribute any files, except those that Perpetuum Software has expressly designated as Redistributables
  • Distribute any copies of Redistributables separately
  • Share copies of the Redistributables with other co-developers
  • Rent, lease, or lend the PRODUCT
  • Permanently or temporarily transfer ANY of his/her rights under the EULA to any individual or entity
  • Reproduce or distribute any PRODUCT documentation without Perpetuum Software explicit permission
  • Develop software applications that provide an application programming interface to the PRODUCT or the PRODUCT as modified
  • Copy the printed materials accompanying the PRODUCT
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