Cascaded Lookup Column

Cascaded Lookup Column is intended to enhance the standard Microsoft SharePoint lookup functionality. The component allows you to build a relationship between parent and child columns. The data selected in one field will determine the options presented in another.  For multiple data entry, just select the "Allow multiple values" option, the front-end UI will now allow multiple selections to be added/removed from a list. If you're using a series of parent-child Cascaded Lookups, each subsequent field will immediately update as you add or remove each selection from the prior one.

Cascaded Lookup Column supports converting from a standard "Lookup" column and vice versa (it allows editing content of Cascaded Lookup column in Datasheet view).

Cascaded Lookup Column Features

  • Build parent-child relationships     
  • Ajax support enabled     
  • Unlimited number of cascading levels     
  • Support single-single, single-multi, multi-single and multi-multi relations     
  • Support lookup data from SharePoint lists in all sites within site collection     
  • Support lookup data from subfolders     
  • Filtering retrieved data...

최신 뉴스

Cascaded Lookup Column V2.44
Cascaded Lookup Column V2.44
June 20, 2017신규 버전
REST API 서포트를 추가합니다.
ArtfulBits SharePoint products now available
ArtfulBits SharePoint products now available
May 27, 2011보도 자료
Use KPI Column V1.31 and Cascaded Lookup Column V1.37 to enhance standard SharePoint functionality.

가격: ₩ 389,600

One software license is required per Single SharePoint Farm. Subscription provides the following benefits for 1 year: One year of prioritized support, Access to ArtfulBits Issue Tracking System...

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