Sobre o DB Optimizer for DB2

IDE de ajuste e determinação de perfil de SQL.

DB Optimizer quickly discovers, diagnoses and optimizes poor performing SQL. DB Optimizer empowers DBAs and developers to optimize SQL performance throughout the development lifecycle and eliminate performance bottlenecks in production databases and applications. Use DB Optimizer to develop, test, profile and tune SQL in a single, easy-to-use IDE.

DB Optimizer helps production DBAs quickly profile databases to identify and correct the SQL causing performance bottlenecks. Key features in DB Optimizer include:

  • Ability to stream profiling data into a central repository.
  • Determine resource usage for stored procedures with visibility into underlying SQL usage.
  • Visual SQL tuning diagram displaying indexes and constraints, enhanced with table statistics.

DB Optimizer Features

  • Graphical visualization of wait-time analysis.
  • Continuous profiling.
  • Batch tuning of DML statements, stored routines, entire SQL files.
  • Hint injection.
  • SQL rewrites.
  • Robust diagnostics with execution statistics, profiling details, predicate analysis and explain plans.
  • SQL IDE with code assist, error checking, debugging, and real-time quick fixes.
  • Color-coded Index Analysis indicating index usage.
  • SQL stress testing.