dbForge Fusion for MySQL

dbForge Fusion for MySQL is a powerful Microsoft Visual Studio plugin designed to simplify MySQL database development and enhance data management capabilities. When you integrate dbForge Fusion for MySQL into Visual Studio, all database development and administration tasks become available from your IDE. It provides an easier way to explore and maintain existing databases, design compound SQL statements and queries, and manipulate data in different ways.

dbForge Fusion for MySQL Features

  • Integration with Visual Studio - dbForge Fusion for MySQL tightly integrates into your Microsoft Visual Studio. You can perform all tasks connected with MySQL database management and administration through your IDE using Devart add-in.
  • MySQL Routine Debugger - dbForge Fusion for MySQL automates debugging by providing step-by-step code execution, breakpoints, watches, a call stack, and a variables evaluation mechanism. The tool can help you work with MySQL stored...

Últimas Notícias

dbForge Fusion for MySQL V6.6.16
dbForge Fusion for MySQL V6.6.16
Adiciona suporte para MySQL 8.0.
dbForge Fusion for MySQL V6.5.15
dbForge Fusion for MySQL V6.5.15
Adiciona suporte ao Microsoft Visual Studio 2019.
Oferta especial do Devart para agosto
Oferta especial do Devart para agosto
10% de desconto em qualquer nova licença do Devart adquirida em agosto.
dbForge Fusion para MySQL 6.4.11
dbForge Fusion para MySQL 6.4.11
Adiciona suporte ao Microsoft Visual Studio 2017.
dbForge Fusion gains HTTP tunneling
dbForge Fusion gains HTTP tunneling
Version 3.60 also adds public key authentication for SSH, improved performance on large databases.

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Single User License: Install, activate, operate, and use the software on one computer per license. You may also install, activate, operate, and use an additional copy of the software on a second...

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