Licenciamento do dbForge Fusion for MySQL

Se precisar conversar sobre os seus requisitos de licenciamento de dbForge Fusion for MySQL, entre em contato com nossos especialistas em licenciamento Devart.

Single User License: Install, activate, operate, and use the software on one computer per license. You may also install, activate, operate, and use an additional copy of the software on a second computer, portable device or laptop for the exclusive use of the primary user.

Standard Edition Includes

  • Integration with dotConnect for MySQL and MyDAC 
  • Multiple database connections in Database Explorer window
  • Support of SSL/SSH/HTTP connections
  • Work with MySQL embedded server
  • Database Designer
  • Visual editors for all MySQL schema objects
  • Partitioning support for table editor
  • Summary window for quick browsing of schema object properties
  • Customizable DDL generation wizard
  • Schema object and data searching on live database
  • SQL editor with syntax coloring, bookmarks and text searching
  • Code templates library
  • Context-sensitive code completion
  • Parameter information for stored routines
  • Quick information about schema objects 
  • One step access to a schema object editor from code (go to definition)
  • Dynamic help on MySQL accessible from editor
  • Execution of scripts, selected SQL fragments and statements
  • Execution plan tool
  • Data editor with in-place filtering, grouping, and sorting options
  • Data export wizard
  • Visual Query Builder with support of sub-queries
  • Stored routine and script debugging framework 
  • Security Manager to administer user accounts and privileges
  • Schema export and import wizards
  • Table maintenance wizard and flush dialog
  • Session manager
  • Service control for starting and stopping MySQL servers
  • Server Variables window
  • Rich user settings
  • Full shortcut customization
  • Wizard for exporting/importing user settings


Professional Edition Additionally Includes

  • Automatic SQL syntax check
  • SQL formatting 
  • Schema comparison and synchronization tool  
  • Data comparison and synchronization tool  
  • Database project framework  
  • Support of code refactoring  

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