Sobre o DevExpress Reporting

Relatórios para WinForms, WPF, Blazor, ASP.NET Core, MVC e .NET MAUI.

DevExpress Reports is a feature-complete reporting platform for the .NET Framework. Its ships with an easy-to-use Visual Studio report designer and a rich set of report controls, including pivot tables and charts so you can construct reports of unmatched elegance and informational clarity.

Cross-Platform Reporting
DevExpress Reports ship with the fully integrated Visual Studio Report Designer, report wizards, pre-built report templates, and end-user report designers so you can build your best inside your favorite IDE, without limits or compromise. The Skia-based cross-platform drawing engine ensures that both document rendering and Excel, Word, PDF export quality is consistent regardless of target platform (be it the latest .NET or legacy .NET Framework) and combination of operating system with a hosting provider (Linux or macOS, Azure or AWS) used to host Reporting apps.

Supported Platforms

  • WinForms
  • WPF
  • ASP.NET Web Forms
  • ASP.NET Core
  • Blazor Server
  • Blazor WebAssembly
  • Angular
  • React
  • Vue
  • HTML/JavaScript

Fully Customizable Report Types
Use the embedded Reports to generate a variety of report types - from simple mail-merge, table and vertical reports to master-detail (hierarchical) and cross-tab reports. Leverage the fully integrated .NET report wizards and built-in report templates to create clear, concise and fully formatted documents to address the analytics requirements of your organization.

  • Balance Sheet
  • Product List
  • Label Report
  • Restaurant Menu
  • Drill-Down
  • E-Form
  • Sales Analysis
  • Invoice

Royalty-Free Designers
With its powerful report designers, DevExpress Reporting makes it easy to integrate runtime report customization in your next project. You can create reports with point and click ease and use them in a Windows, Web or Mobile app. Whether you need a feature-rich Windows designer or prefer to use a 100% web-based tool, the DevExpress Reports Suite includes everything you'll need to empower your users and reduce the number of reports you need to create within Visual Studio.

Your Data. Your Way.
All major data providers are fully supported. DevExpress Reports can consume data from any source, via its support for Visual Studio .NET data objects and its ability to bind a report to XML data or any data object implementing the IList, IList<T> and IEnumerable<T> interfaces.

  • Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL
  • Oracle
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Entity Framework / XPO
  • Firebird
  • Google Big Query
  • Amazon REDSHIFT
  • Teradata
  • MongoDB
  • Sap HANA
  • JSON, and more...

Rich Data Visualization
You can provide business users with the information required to monitor business outcomes and make intelligent, real-time decisions. Users can efficiently explore information on their own terms. DevExpress Reporting offers simple and straightforward end-user customization options so that report consumers can freely manipulate output to maximize clarity. Some of the Report Controls include:

  • Chart
  • Rich Text
  • Cross Tab
  • Sparkline
  • Bar Code
  • PDF Content
  • Subreport
  • Character Comb

Merge PDF & DOCX
Merge multiple PDF / DOCX files together with your report. The XRPdfContent and XRRichText report controls embed PDF and DOCX documents alongside your report and preview the complete report within the Document Viewer.

Preview. Edit. Print. Export
Set up reports and preview the result in Visual Studio with supplied data. Add the Report Preview to your desktop or web application to show reports for end users. The Character Comb, Text Box, Checkbox, and Picture Box controls allow you to create fillable application forms and let users to edit fields/cells, upload images, and draw signatures right in the Print Preview. The DevExpress Reports support numerous file formats to export data (PDF, DOCX, RTF, XLS, XLSX, TXT, MHT, CSV, HTML, and Images).

Export to PDF
DevExpress Reports allows you to quickly convert reports with editable fields (such as text fields, character combs, check boxes, radio groups, and picture boxes) to PDF documents with AcroForms. With the PDF Signature control, you can embed a visual digital signature or signature placeholders within reports. Placeholders can then be used to both edit and sign the exported PDF file. DevExpress Reports also includes a comprehensive API designed to customize signature appearance. You can also generate tagged (accessible) PDF/A and PDF/UA documents that are safe, accessible, and secure.

Data Shaping & Analytics
Create reports that inform and engage. Whether building a desktop or web application, you can enable the same data shaping and analysis features:

  • Conditional Formatting
  • Interactive Sorting
  • Data Filtering and Grouping
  • Drill-Down
  • Calculated Fields
  • Report Parameters
  • Summaries & Aggregates

Dynamic Report Filters
From String and Date to Number, Boolean, and GUID - From multi-value to cascading parameters, DevExpress Reports allows you and your users to filter report data dynamically via an intuitive interface. Additional .NET report filter options include:

  • Ability to customize individual report parameter editors
  • Define custom parameter types
  • Hide and disable report parameter editors based on user input
  • Combine report parameters into visual groups
  • Pass report parameter values directly to a data source query
  • Create multi-value, data-bound, nullable and date range report parameters

Additional Info

  • Simplified Migration - Convert Microsoft Access reports, Crystal Reports, RDLC (SQL Server Reporting Services) reports, and Active Reports to DevExpress Reports within the Visual Studio Report Designer or use the command-line utility.
  • Platform-Agnostic Reporting - Once a report is created, you can incorporate it within an application that targets any of the following platforms: WinForms, WPF and ASP.NET (Web Forms, MVC, Blazor Server, and ASP.NET Core).
  • Right-to-Left Support - Enable Right-to-Left orientation for the user interface and report layouts.
  • Data Federation - Combine multiple data sources and define joins or master-detail relationships between data source queries. The Data Federation implementation supports SQL, EF, Object, Excel, JSON, and XPO data sources.
  • Report Localization - The Reporting Suite ships with a fully integrated Localization Editor to help you expedite the report translation process. You and your users can easily translate report elements and text strings within Visual Studio.
  • Content Security Policy Support - Improve web page performance with Web Reporting components, protect users from malicious content, and limit potential damage from common types of attacks such as XSS and data injection.
  • Section 508 and WCAG 2.0 Compliance - Use DevExpress Web Document Viewer to display DevExpress Reports in web apps that should meet government regulations regarding web content accessibility.
  • DirectX Hardware Acceleration - By moving to DirectX, the WinForms Report Viewer has achieved the highest possible performance and brilliant rendering quality, smooth scrolling, and text rendering/text antialiasing.
  • Avoid Mistakes in Report Creation - Report Design Analyzer helps a user to isolate, diagnose, and address common report design/layout related issues while creating reports both in Visual Studio and End-User Report Designer components.

Included in DevExpress Reporting

  • Visual Studio Report Designer
  • WinForms Document Viewer
  • WinForms End-User Report Designer
  • Document Viewer (ASP.NET Web Forms, MVC, Core)
  • Web Report Designer (ASP.NET Web Forms, MVC, Core)
  • Native Blazor Document Viewer (Server, WebAssembly)
  • Blazor Web Report Designer (Server, WebAssembly)
  • WPF Document Viewer
  • WPF End-User Report Designer
  • Native Angular Document Viewer
  • Angular End-User Report Designer