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Total Access Emailer allows you to generate personalized email for everyone in your table or query. Messages can be in text or HTML format with attachments. Total Access Emailer allows you to use field values in your email subject and message to create unique, personalized emails for each recipient. You can even maintain an audit trail to know who was contacted when with Total Access Emailer.

Total Access Emailer is designed specifically for Access and behaves the way you expect. Tightly integrated into Access, it runs as an Access add-in and includes an interactive, Wizard-like user interface that makes it easy to customize your email blasts in your Access environment.

Choose any table or query in your database, specify the email field and you're ready to contact everyone in your list. Your email blast settings are automatically saved in your database for reuse and sharing with...

Últimas Notícias

Total Access Emailer 2022 (22.0)
Total Access Emailer 2022 (22.0)
May 24, 2022Nova versão
Melhora o protocolo TLS (Transport Layer Security) para o Office 365 e oferece suporte para o protocolo Gmail OAUTH.
Total Access Emailer 2021 18.0
Total Access Emailer 2021 18.0
February 22, 2022Nova versão
Adiciona suporte para Access 2021, 2019 e Office 365, além de suporte para TLS 1.3.
Total Access Emailer 2016 16.01.0016
Total Access Emailer 2016 16.01.0016
September 5, 2018Nova versão
Permite a validação do endereço de ORIGEM durante o envio de e-mails em bloco.
Total Access Emailer 2016 16.01.0014
Total Access Emailer 2016 16.01.0014
June 20, 2018Nova versão
Crie e envie e-mails com base em seus dados. A versão mais recente melhora o teste de relé do SMTP.
Total Access Emailer 2016
Total Access Emailer 2016
June 13, 2016Nova versão
Adds email address validation and Microsoft Access 2016 support.
Total Access Emailer for Access 2013 released
Total Access Emailer for Access 2013 released
June 16, 2014Lançamentos em destaque
New version now supports 32 and 64-bit versions of Access 2013.

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Licensed on a per user and installation basis. Each user who runs the program must have a license. One designated user can install and use the software on one computer at a time. Total Access Emailer...

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