Sobre o Total Access Emailer

Crie e envie e-mails com base em seus dados.

Total Access Emailer allows you to generate personalized email for everyone in your table or query. Messages can be in text or HTML format with attachments. Total Access Emailer allows you to use field values in your email subject and message to create unique, personalized emails for each recipient. You can even maintain an audit trail to know who was contacted when with Total Access Emailer.

Total Access Emailer is designed specifically for Access and behaves the way you expect. Tightly integrated into Access, it runs as an Access add-in and includes an interactive, Wizard-like user interface that makes it easy to customize your email blasts in your Access environment.

Choose any table or query in your database, specify the email field and you're ready to contact everyone in your list. Your email blast settings are automatically saved in your database for reuse and sharing with other users.

Total Access Emailer: Unlimited Custom Emails

  • Send Email to Everyone Easily - send email to a list of email addresses from a table or query. Emails can be sent individually or in bulk as regular email or using CC or BCC
  • Personalize Email Easily - customize the email subject and message for each recipient by referencing field values from your table or query. CanShrink options enhance formatting. Alternatively, you can even specify a field in your data containing the subject and/or message to send so you have complete control over each message
  • Send Your Email Again - Email blast settings are automatically saved for reuse. Easily send the email again, or edit it with your latest message. Store an unlimited number of email blast settings and share them with your team
  • Email People Who Weren't Previously Sent To - An optional audit trail can be maintained to know when an email was sent to each person. Easily send the same email to new people or those whom the original message skipped because the process was interrupted
  • Send HTML and/or Text Messages - You can even prepare both and send one or the other depending on what your email address record specifies
  • Easily Add Attachments - Each email may have multiple attachments. Use the same attachments for everyone or customize these for each message
  • Custom FROM Address - Specify the FROM address for your emails. Use the same for every email or reference a field from the data source
  • Preview Messages - Before you send your email blast, the powerful preview feature sends your messages to a table, the screen, or an email address you specify. Easily preview each custom message before you send it. You can test with the entire list or specify a limited number of messages
  • Schedule Email Blasts - Launch the email blast and tell it to start at a later time. This is especially useful for scheduling blasts after hours when your mail server is less busy
  • Send Multiple Email Blasts - Send multiple email blasts one after another. This is ideal if you have email blasts that need to go out consecutively, or use multiple data sources for related email blasts

Avoid Outlook Automation Problems with Total Access Emailer

To prevent email viruses, Outlook makes it practically impossible to send multiple emails programmatically. Users either have to manually confirm messages or run very slowly.

Total Access Emailer avoids this problem by using SMTP rather than Outlook. This is fast and efficient. You can even specify the FROM email address of your messages, which can be different from your Outlook address.

Total Access Emailer Programmatic Features

A programmatic interface is available for Access developers wishing to add email blasts into applications. Give your users the power of sending custom emails at the touch of a button. Royalty-free runtime distribution rights are included.

Total Access Emailer is available in two versions.

  • The Standard Version is for end users and includes all the interactive features of the Total Access Emailer add-in to create, manage, and send email blasts.
  • The Professional Version includes the Standard Version, plus a library and programmatic module interface for power users and developers to add email blasts into applications. This lets you use VBA or a macro to send the email blasts you've designed. This version also includes a royalty-free Runtime License that allows the distribution of the library to people who do not own Total Access Emailer.