PDF Creator Plus Releases

Released: Nov 7, 2023

Atualizações na 8.0.004


  • Fixed masked images being outputted as white squares in PDF.
  • Fixed too thick line when using a text annotation's with the underline text style.
  • Fixed Outline annotation color style not being maintained in the created PDF.

Released: Aug 23, 2023

Atualizações na 8.0.003


  • Improved speed when exporting to images.
  • Improved recognition of multi-line hyperlinks, and hyperlinks with mixed text formatting when using the Word Add-in.


  • Fixed crashing issue when printing from Microsoft Project. Added in proper handling for 256 color image masking used by Microsoft Project.
  • Fixed page thumbnails display for large paper sizes (A0, D).
  • Fixed PDF copy text permission not set correctly.

Released: Apr 11, 2023

Atualizações na 8.0.002


  • Added the ability to drop PDF files from Microsoft Outlook email messages onto PDF Creator Plus to add pages.


  • PDF embed fonts options on the Save File dialog not keeping its setting.
  • Resolved issue of duplicate fonts added to PDF files.
  • Fixed issue of text annotation in editing mode on the page not being included when exporting.

Released: Mar 3, 2023

Atualizações na 8.0.001


  • Added the ability to directly open PDF files in PDF Creator Plus by dragging and dropping or Open With menu or File - Import PDF.
  • Now prompts for password when opening password protected PDF file.
  • Added support for 128 AES and 256 AES PDF security.
  • Added image annotation support.
  • Added Best Quality/User Settings options for PDF creation.
  • Created files will now automatically open.
  • Save folders will now automatically open.
  • Improved Copy/Paste Image support.
  • Export Options button has been...

Released: Apr 25, 2022

Atualizações na 7.0.007


  • Added support for the new style of printing used by Microsoft Windows 10 Store apps like Photos, Paint3D and Snip & Sketch that create two print jobs.


  • A Windows 10 update replaced Photo Viewer with Windows 10 Photos Store app. Without the change to support Windows 10 Photos Store app, the first print job which is of XPS2GDI format remains in the queue marked in error and prevents any further print actions from succeeding. Customers using these applications with printing...

Released: Jan 27, 2021

Atualizações na 7.0.006


  • Fixed issue where numbered boxes in a PDF file were displayed as black boxes in both the preview and the created PDF.

Released: Feb 9, 2018

Atualizações na 7.0.005


  • Fixed random issue where printing from websites that use incomplete webfonts would fail to create a PDF.
  • Fixed issue where deleting pages would cause annotations to be missing or moved in the created PDF.

Released: Apr 20, 2017

Atualizações na 7.0.004


  • Fixed issue with Word Add-In failing on inline hyperlinks with no text.
  • Fixed issue with missing bookmarks. Optimization step to merge bookmarks into headers was also merging bookmarks together.

Released: Jan 29, 2016

Atualizações na 7.0.003

  • Fixed issue where sometimes get a null pointer exception when dealing with some older generation software’s printed output.

Released: Sep 11, 2015

Atualizações na 7.0.002

  • Fixed scaling issues with menu items, status bar, task button panel and splash screen when screen resolution is set higher than 96 dpi.