About PowerGadgets Mobile

Visualize your data on smart phones and tablets.

PowerGadgets Mobile is a business intelligence solution for authoring and deploying real-time dashboards on your mobile devices. It includes over 20 different chart types (all fully customizable), radial, horizontal and vertical gauges, maps, lists, titles and images. PowerGadgets Mobile allows you to connect and interact with any database or other data source behind your corporate firewall. In addition, PowerGadgets Mobile features native clients for each major mobile platform including iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone 7 and Windows Mobile. With PowerGadgets Mobile there is no development environment or coding involved making it an ideal solution for IT and DB Administrators who don't write code.

PowerGadgets Mobile Features

  • Charts - Over 20 different chart types (all fully customizable), over 25 ready-to-use color palettes, a myriad of customizable elements and a graphical wizard.
  • Gauges and Digital Panels - Radial gauges, horizontal and vertical gauges and digital panels - all with a variety of borders, markers and indicator styles, all fully customizable.
  • Maps - Hundreds of dynamic maps of US and the World.
  • Stickies - Display small bits of important information on a dashboard.
  • Lists - Get the advanced detail of a data grid.
  • Titles and images - Personalize your dashboard with a title, logo or image.

PowerGadgets Mobile offers a fully featured GUI (Graphical User Interface) to author dashboards providing a familiar, easy to use, environment that abstract users from complex development. This makes dashboard creation process open to any role in your IT organization.

The PowerGadgets Mobile data visualization foundation has been tested by millions of users worldwide, including more than 50 different chart types, 100’s of single KPI gauges like radial, vertical, horizontal, digital panels and over 150 vector maps for displaying and comparing numerical data.

PowerGadgets Mobile provides vector based data visualization foundation. As you interact with the PowerGadgets Mobile Creator UI, PowerGadgets will use vector objects that will make your dashboards look aesthetical pleasing when displayed in the reduced screen space provided by mobile devices.

PowerGadgets Mobile allows you to connect and interact with any data source behind your corporate firewall through the use of data handling controls, making it very simple to query data from existing ERP implementations and other backend systems.

PowerGadgets Mobile also supports scripting technologies that are familiar to most IT and DB professionals (Windows PowerShell and Web Services) effectively broadening the product’s reach and availability.

PowerGadgets Mobile supports standard web server technologies such as Microsoft IIS, allowing you to easily implement load balancing on web farm-based architectures, and since each client is licensed individually, the product will grow with your needs.

PowerGadgets files are self-contained and can be easily deployed by simply copying them in a folder. In addition, you can control access to PowerGadgets files through IIS and Windows Active Directory.

If you are a software vendor, PowerGadgets Mobile Integration Framework lets you OEM your own gadgets and offer your customers with unprecedented mobile access to your application’s proprietary data while protecting your intellectual property.

The PowerGadgets Mobile Architecture
PowerGadgets Mobile consists of three components:

  • The PowerGadgets Mobile Creator, a fully graphical authoring environment that allows the visual creation of dashboards
  • The PowerGadgets Mobile Server, a highly scalable server solution providing real time database access behind the corporate firewall and a vector-based graphics generation based on .NET
  • PowerGadgets Mobile Clients native to mobile devices operating systems used to manage and display a list of preferred dashboards and gadgets.

They interact as follows:

A PowerGadgets Mobile file (.pgf) is authored with the PowerGadgets Mobile Creator and saved on a web based application server behind the firewall as a standalone file in a specific folder with specific managed rights. Mobile devices provisioned with a PowerGadgets Mobile Client can point and access PowerGadgets Mobile files (.pgf). When accessed from a PowerGadgets

Mobile Client, the PowerGadgets Mobile Server will connect to the data source behind the firewall and populate gadgets and dashboards with real-time data and deliver the result to each client requesting the information.

Each of these requests corresponds to a session that will be handled by the application server in a separate application space making it possible to serve many devices at the same time.

Technical Requirements


  • Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 OS
  • Minimum 1GB of RAM
  • At least 100 MB of Hard Disk Space
  • Internet Information Services 5.0 +


  • Windows XP/ Vista/7/ 2003/ 2008
  • Internet Information Services 5.0 +
  • .NET Framework 2.0 +
  • Access to Back-end for Data Connectivity


  • Android,Blackberry, iOS or Windows based mobile device
  • 3G, 4G or WiFi connectivity
  • PowerGadgets Mobile Client from App Store