Sobre o SQL Toolbox

Um pacote de ferramentas imprescindíveis para desenvolvedores e DBAs.

SQL Toolbox is a collection of must-have tools for SQL Server DBAs and developers. With tools for SQL Server database performance tuning, comparison, backup, virtual data recovery, and more than 20 daily administrative tasks, SQL toolbox puts all the essential tools DBAs and developers need at their fingertips and saves hours of time performing day-to-day tasks. Includes SQL Doctor, SQL Safe Backup, SQL Admin Toolset and SQL Comparison Toolset. SQL Toolbox simplified daily administration, manages disaster recovery, and tunes performance for SQL Server.

SQL Toolbox Includes:

SQL Doctor

  • New and enhanced Expert Recommendations to help improve performance.
  • Dashboard exposes performance metrics in real-time.
  • "Quick Findings" instantly locates SQL performance issues.
  • Executable scripts are generated to optimize performance.
  • Stored history of analysis recommendations for trending.

SQL Safe Backup

  • Automate SQL Server backup and recovery across your enterprise.
  • Backup faster and save space via dynamic compression with encryption.
  • Choose from multiple options for recovery.
  • Ensure organizational compliance via policy-based management.

SQL Admin Toolset

  • 24 essential desktop tools for your everyday SQL Server needs.
  • Run every day diagnostics across multiple SQL Servers.
  • Complete administrative tasks in minutes, not hours.
  • Perform analysis on your SQL data.