Develop the automations that work for you. With ThinkAutomation, you get an open-ended studio to build any and every automated workflow you could ever need. All without volume limitations, and all without paying per process, license, or ‘robot’.

We’re just scratching the surface of the potential efficiencies ThinkAutomation can provide an enterprise of our size.


ThinkAutomation is an on-prem automation system designed for open-ended scale – without volume limitations, and without paying per process, license, or 'robot'. The product comprises:

  • A drag-and-drop automation studio for workflow orchestration.
  • A fully featured code editor for custom dev work.
  • A hybrid automation gateway to connect into any API.

This setup provides truly unlimited scope; you can automate any process, in any application, on any scale required,  all under a single license.


Preços a partir de: $ 1,273.02

ThinkAutomation is licensed per year. In order to continue to use the software after 1 year you need to renew the license. Standard License: Unlimited access to the ThinkAutomation studio, plus...

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Operating System for Deployment
  • Windows Server 2019
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows 10