Sobre o ThinkAutomation

Automatize o processamento de mensagens recebidas.

Develop the automations that work for you. With ThinkAutomation, you get an open-ended studio to build any and every automated workflow you could ever need. All without volume limitations, and all without paying per process, license, or ‘robot’.

ThinkAutomation is an on-prem automation system designed for open-ended scale – without volume limitations, and without paying per process, license, or 'robot'. The product comprises:

  • A drag-and-drop automation studio for workflow orchestration.
  • A fully featured code editor for custom dev work.
  • A hybrid automation gateway to connect into any API.

This setup provides truly unlimited scope; you can automate any process, in any application, on any scale required,  all under a single license.

With ThinkAutomation, you can:

  • Connect data sources and systems inside the ThinkAutomation studio.
  • Orchestrate the movement of data from point to point.
  • Build simple or complex automations to act on data and handle processes.
  • Automate at scale and speed via a vast library of native integrations and actions.
  • Customize to any degree required with the inbuilt IDE for custom scripts.
  • Process high data volumes without the cloud costs via the hybrid automation gateway.

This enables you to automate any business workflow desired. For example, ThinkAutomation can handle:

  • IPaaS / data integration.
  • Auto-responses.
  • Form / survey building.
  • Email parsing.
  • Threat monitoring.
  • Web scraping.
  • API gateway management.
  • Data cataloguing.
  • Document processing.
  • Database pulls.
  • Big data analytics.
  • Telephony automation.
  • Sentiment analysis.
  • IoT monitoring.
  • Extract, transform, load.
  • Translation.
  • CRM / database updates.
  • Microsoft Teams bots.     
  • Geo-location mapping.
  • Legacy software mining.
  • And much more, depending on your use case.

As well as scope, ThinkAutomation brings speed; the product offers fast, endless data flows in a continuous cycle of monitoring, parsing, and automating which means:

  • Every connected system in your stack is monitored 24/7.
  • New data is pulled and processed every minute.
  • Actions are conditionally executed in split seconds.

And, better yet, this all happens as part of a local deployment; as a downloadable installation, you can:

  • Install ThinkAutomation in your own environment.
  • Run behind your own firewalls or DMZ.
  • Process data locally and execute automations in any system.
  • Use on-prem data in cloud services, without cloud storage.
  • Automate processes in line with your own security protocols and data handling needs.

Plus, this local installation enables hybrid integration scenarios. ThinkAutomation has both a:

  • Local HTTP API - For fast, embedded data processing in a client environment.
  • Public web API - A secure public endpoint for continuous data flows with cloud services.