oXygen XML Improves WSDL Editing

Easily insert references to components using the Content Completion Assistant.
6月 21, 2013 - 13:25

oXygen XML provides the tools for XML authoring, XML conversion, XML Schema, DTD, Relax NG and Schematron development, XPath, XSLT, XQuery debugging, SOAP and WSDL testing. It includes integration with XML document repositories via WebDAV, Subversion and S/FTP protocols.

The following editions are available:

Updates in V15

  • WSDL Outline View - Show an overview of all WSDL and XML Schema components.
  • Content Completion - Easily insert references to components or to define new ones.
  • Searching and Refactoring Actions - A wide range of search and refactoring features help you organize your code quickly and effectively.
  • Master Files Contextual Editing - WSDL validation, editing, refactoring and component search operations work in the context of WSDL master files.
  • Resource Hierarchy/Dependencies View - Visualize and understand relationships between WSDL resources and schemas.
  • Mobile-friendly WebHelp - Publish DITA and DocBook content to mobile devices.
  • Search in Reviews - Search through comments, insertions, deletions and highlighted content.
  • Changes by Author - Easily integrate the reviews made by a specific author.
  • Browse a SharePoint Server - The Open URL dialog offers a specialized layout for browsing resources stored on a SharePoint server.
  • Export DITA Map - Easily obtain all resources in a specified DITA Map.
  • Enforce Business Rules and QA Checks - Specify a Schematron schema that can implement your company rules and QA checks.
  • Create Key-based Links and Content References - Use the "Paste Special" action to quickly transform copied content to a link or a content reference.
  • Move Up/Down Actions - Move elements up or down.
  • Promote and Demote Sections - Organize the structure of your DocBook documents using and demote actions.
  • eXist Simple Connection Wizard - Automatically detect all libraries needed to access eXist servers.
  • Content Completion Assistant for JQuery - If you use JQuery in your JavaScript file oXygen will assist by presenting JQuery functions through its content completion support.
  • Content Completion for File Paths - When you edit a document in Text mode, the Content Completion Assistant is able to propose local file paths when editing URI attribute values.
  • Improved Outline View Filtering Options - A new option is available in the Outline view allowing you to find exact matches of the text that you are searching for.

About SyncRO Soft

SyncRO Soft is a privately held software company founded in 1998 with expertise in XML technologies including XML Schema, Relax NG, Schematron, XSLT, XPath and XQuery. Their main product oXygen XML Editor provides support for many XML technologies. It complies with the established standards released by W3C and enhances developer productivity through an intuitive and innovative XML IDE.

XML file shown in Text View with oXygen XML Editor.

Oxygen XML Editor Academic

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