TestCafe Studio 1.3.1

添加测试需要 SSL 连接的网站功能的功能。
7月 27, 2020 - 15:45


  • Test HTTPS-Dependent Features - TestCafe Studio can now serve tested pages over HTTPS. This allows you to test website functionality that requires SSL connections, like cryptographic or geolocation features.
  • Chromium Device Emulation - Run tests in Google Chrome, Chromium, and Chromium-based Microsoft Edge in mobile device emulation mode. You can emulate a particular device or a responsive screen with the specified dimensions.
  • Browser Command Line Flags - Specify the browser's command line flags to pass options to the browser. To do this, use the CLI flags field in the Run Configurations Dialog's browser options.
  • New Run Options - You can skip uncaught errors in test scripts and make the test run stop after the first failed test.
  • Load the Current User Profile - TestCafe Studio starts browsers with an empty profile to ensure consistent test results on different machines. You can now also run tests with the current user profile in Chromium browsers and Mozilla Firefox.
TestCafe Studio

TestCafe Studio

用于端到端 web 测试的跨平台 IDE。


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