DevExpress Universal

DevExpress Universal helps you build applications for Windows, Web, mobile and tablet with all of the DevExpress single platform controls and more. The feature-complete Universal Subscription includes hundreds of Desktop UI Controls (WinForms, WPF and Desktop Reporting), Web UI Controls (Blazor, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC and Core, Bootstrap Web Forms, JavaScript - jQuery, Angular, React, Vue, and Web Reporting), Mobile Controls (.NET MAUI), Frameworks and Productivity Tools (XAF - Cross-Platform .NET App UI, XPO - ORM Library and CodeRush - Visual Studio Productivity and Refactoring) and Enterprise and Server Tools (BI Dashboard and Office File APIs). It also includes TestCafe Studio, the DevExpress Icon Library, and source code for all controls and libraries.

DevExpress Universal Features

Desktop Controls

  • WinForms - With over 190 controls, the DevExpress WinForms Subscription has everything you'll need to create high-impact business solutions for the Windows Forms platform.
  • WPF - The DevExpress WPF Subscription ships with over 130 UI Controls and Libraries allowing you to build Microsoft Office inspired and data analysis application.
  • Desktop Reporting - The DevExpress Reporting Subscription delivers easy-to-use customization options and a rich set of...


DevExpress 赢得软件厂家和产品第一
DevExpress 赢得软件厂家和产品第一
April 29, 2024Publisher Award
ComponentSource 授予 DevExpress 2024 年度厂家第一名奖和产品第一名奖,以及另外八个奖项。
用原生 Chromium 自动化提高了测试
用原生 Chromium 自动化提高了测试
March 22, 2024Product Update
TestCafé Studio 2.0.0 利用了 Chrome DevTools 协议直接控制基于 Chromium 的浏览器,如 Chrome 和 Edge。
March 15, 2024Product Update
CodeRush Ultimate 23.2.5 通过新的语音转代码功能提高了开发人员的可访问性和编码效率。
January 15, 2024Product Update
CodeRush Ultimate 23.2 用快速导航到方法调用、变量读取、MEF 导出和类型定义提高了编码效率。
在移动设备上显示 PDF 文件
在移动设备上显示 PDF 文件
January 12, 2024Product Update
DevExpress .NET MAUI 23.2 添加一个新的 PDF 查看器控件,允许您在您的 MAUI 应用中显示 PDF 文件。
用 Fluent 主题让您的 ASP.NET Core 应用实现新式化
用 Fluent 主题让您的 ASP.NET Core 应用实现新式化
January 9, 2024Product Update
DevExpress ASP.NET Core 23.2 添加一个受 Microsoft Fluent 启发的 Web 新主题,其包括两种配色方案。

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One software license is required per developer。 You may install the product on more than one machine as long as each developer has their own license。 This allows you to install it on your work, home...


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Component Type
  • ASP.NET WebForms
  • ASP.NET Core
  • .NET WinForms
  • .NET Class
  • .NET Core
  • .NET WPF
  • HTML5
  • JavaScript
  • Angular
  • AngularJS
  • Backbone.JS
  • jQuery
  • Knockout
  • React
  • Vue.js
  • Blazor Components
  • Objective-C Libraries
  • WinUI
  • .NET MAUI Controls




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拒绝透露的姓名 荷兰,5 星

Very good package for c# and VB development! Lots of functions.


Mauro Rigoni 意大利3 星

Buon prodotto ma troppo "pesante" sia come risorse che come file da distribuire e gestire.