CodeRush Ultimate 20.2.7

现在使用 EditorConfig 文件中定义的 Visual Studio 格式设置。
1月 28, 2021 - 10:33


Code Formatting

  • EditorConfig Support - CodeRush now uses Microsoft Visual Studio's format settings defined in the EditorConfig file. EditorConfig settings will have a higher priority than formatting preferences set in the CodeRush Options dialog.

Blazor Support

  • Declare Providers - CodeRush declaration providers are now available in .razor markup. You can use them to declare local variables, methods, parameters, fields, properties and constants. For example, you can apply Declare Field to create a field for the active Blazor component.

Organize Members

  • Improved Options Page - The "Group by" section now contains an improved filter editor that simplifies group rule creation.
EditorConfig support

CodeRush Ultimate



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