SpreadJS 14.0.7

改进了电子表格设计器和 CSV 导入/导出。
2月 23, 2021 - 9:31


  • CMD+Z did not work in edit mode on Apple macOS.
  • Print preview and results were inconsistent in some cases.
  • Connector shapes not correctly added from top to bottom.
  • Designer: Moving charts and changing chart types would prevent the preview from loading correctly.
  • A tooltip wouldn’t disappear when moving away from a hyperlink.
  • Using external formulas on one sheet affect formulas on another sheet.
  • Cell text color different from Microsoft Excel.
  • Custom shape line information not exported to SSJSON.
  • Designer: Conditional Format dialog font text not consistent with Excel.
  • Percent cell format would incorrectly display “00%” when backspace key is used.
  • Password would save incorrectly when exported from SpreadJS.
  • Comment position not consistent with Excel.
  • Exporting to SSJSON would not refresh the color on clicked hyperlinks.
  • SheetTags get added twice with SSJSON.
  • Performance: CSV Import/Export Suspend/Resume performance was enhanced.
  • A specific formula result different from Excel.
  • Undoing column delete would cause the designer to get stuck.
  • Condition rules lost after dragging and moving cells.
  • Setting the row could would remove undo history and cause values to be removed from the cell.
  • The calculation result of the ENCODEURL function was incorrect.
  • The calculation result of the SWITCH function was not the same as Excel.
  • A cell would display incorrectly after setting cell format.
  • Importing a JSON file 6-8 times would cause the browser to crash.
  • Charts could not be added to SpreadJS in Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.
  • The result of the SEARCH function was incorrect.
  • Demo Upgrade: Demos now use Angular version 11.
  • The result of the SUMIF function was incorrect.
  • The password of a file would disappear after exporting to Excel.
  • The result of the WORKDAY.INTL function was incorrect.
  • Designer: The designer component not displayed correctly in Safari browser on macOS.
  • CSV data that was imported was merged with existing data instead of clearing.
  • Engineering functions with negative number arguments returned results different from Excel.
  • Some values would display in SpreadJS differently from Excel.
  • Removing a sheet would throw an error.


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