SpreadJS is a complete enterprise JavaScript spreadsheet solution used to create financial reports and dashboards, budgeting and forecasting models, scientific, engineering, healthcare, education, science lab notebooks, and other similar JavaScript business applications. Leverage the high-speed calculation engine with over 500 Excel built-in functions in 19 languages, to deliver true Excel-like spreadsheet experiences with zero dependencies on Excel. Fully customize your application’s needs with SpreadJS’s optional deployment add-on components for Pivot Tables UI, and an Excel-like Designer ribbon, allowing your users to perform complex interactive analysis and data visualization. Full support for React, Vue, Angular, and TypeScript.

SpreadJS Features

  • The Industry Leader in Spreadsheets - 25+ years of experience creating award-winning spreadsheets for professional developers
  • Deliver True Excel-like Spreadsheet Experiences, Fast - Import, modify and export your most complex Excel .xlsx spreadsheets. SpreadJS offers a complete Excel-like experience, including tables, charts, shapes, sparklines, conditional formatting, filtering, and an extensive library with no Excel dependencies to create the most advanced data visualizations...


在 JavaScript 中导入和导出 Excel XLSX 文件
在 JavaScript 中导入和导出 Excel XLSX 文件
December 5, 2023功能焦点
使用 MESCIUS 提供的 SpreadJS 将完整的 JavaScript 电子表格添加到您的企业应用程序中。
GrapeCity 现在叫 MESCIUS!
GrapeCity 现在叫 MESCIUS!
November 1, 2023Publisher Update
SpreadJS 16.2
SpreadJS 16.2
August 17, 2023新版本
SpreadJS 16.1
SpreadJS 16.1
May 4, 2023新版本
GrapeCity 博客 - 使用 Node.js 导入和导出 Excel XLSX
GrapeCity 博客 - 使用 Node.js 导入和导出 Excel XLSX
March 28, 2023新闻快讯
在服务器上无需使用 Excel 即可从您的 Node.js 应用程序生成电子表格。
GrapeCity 博客 - 如何在 JavaScript 电子表格中合并实时数据
GrapeCity 博客 - 如何在 JavaScript 电子表格中合并实时数据
March 8, 2023新闻快讯
SpreadJS 可以通过数据绑定轻松消费、显示和提供实时更新。

价格从: $ 1,476.52

A Hostname Deployment License is required to deploy your SpreadJS application: The SpreadJS developer bundle comes with one Developer License and one annual production Hostname Deployment License。 To...


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