SpreadJS 新版本发表

Released: Jan 5, 2024

17.0.1 中的更新


  • Calculation
    • A formula was automatically changed incorrectly.
    • A formula was not updated with the RemoveRow RowAction.
    • Certain formulas had incorrect results.
    • Some formulas would not calculate correctly after using resumeCalcService.
    • The lambda formula would not calculate correctly.
    • Deleting a row that contained bound data would prevent a referenced formula from being recalculated.
    • The COUNTIF formula did not calculate correctly.
    • There was a delay in calculating specific formulas.
  • Chart
    • A...

Released: Dec 18, 2023

17.0 中的更新


  • Added new ReportSheet and GanttSheet add-ons.
    • ReportSheet is a simple and flexible way of creating complex reports. It supports data entry, pagination, data filtering, sorting, conditional formatting, and more.
    • With GanttSheet, users can assign different tasks to different resources to effectively manage tasks, schedules, and resources. You can also display the task progress status as a percentage in the 'complete' field.
  • SpreadJS now supports shape-based charts to set the stack order of a...

Released: Aug 16, 2023

16.2 中的更新


  • Users can now recalculate formulas automatically or manually using the calculation options.
  • Added support for setting the default active ribbon tab and get the same tab when the Designer Component is initialized.
  • Added support for setting a default value of a cell when a cell has no data or values in the data source.
  • Added support for selecting the date and number ranges using the date time picker dropdown and slider dropdown, respectively.
  • Added support for using customized themes and font...

Released: May 3, 2023

16.1 中的更新


PivotTable Enhancements

  • SubTotal Option for Single Fields - Enhanced PivotTable support by adding a subtotal option for single fields. Previously, SpreadJS would change the subtotal position to be at the bottom of each field. Now you can change the position for individual fields.
  • GetPivotData functions for PivotTable references - The "Use GetPivotData functions for PivotTable references" option has been added as an option for the formulas in the workbook and can be enabled or disabled. This...

Released: Dec 21, 2022

16 中的更新


New File Format

  • Added a new, improved .sjs file format to improve the performance of importing large Microsoft Excel files while also creating a smaller, better-optimized file when saving.
    • Bypasses the previous need to first export to SSJSON.
    • Translates the data directly to the model.
    • The resulting data is saved to a zipped .sjs file with smaller SSJSON files, making it similar to Excel’s own XML structure.
    • Makes the ExcelIO process much faster and smaller.

TableSheet Enhancements

  • Hierarchy...

Released: Aug 25, 2022

15.2 中的更新


Name Box Component

  • Added Name Box as a standalone component - The Name Box component is used to display selected ranges, items, named ranges, and create and navigate to custom names within a spreadsheet. The name box has several features:
    • The user can enter text into the name box:
      • If the text can’t be parsed into ranges, SpreadJS will create a custom name for the selected cells.
      • If the text can be parsed into ranges, SpreadJS will add those ranges as selections in the worksheet.
      • If the text...

Released: May 22, 2022

15.1 中的更新


  • Cross Workbook Formulas - This new feature allows your users to enter formulas that contain references to data in other SpreadJS workbooks.
  • PivotTable Enhancements
    • Timeline Slicer Support - SpreadJS PivotTables now support timeline slicers, which give your users the ability to slice data by specific dates.
    • Show Items with no Data - By default, PivotTables will only display items containing data. With the new 'Show items with no data' option, you can enable the PivotTable to show these blank...

Released: Jan 25, 2022

15 中的更新


TableSheet and Data Manager

  • Two of the most significant features we have added to SpreadJS v15 are the TableSheet and Data Manager. The SpreadJS TableSheet is a new type of sheet component that is an extremely powerful data table that can also take full advantage of the existing 500+ function SpreadJS calculation engine. This quick, data-bound table view includes a relational data manager that makes sorting, filtering, and many other data management functions incredibly fast.


Released: Nov 29, 2021

14.2.4 中的更新


  • Chart logarithmic scale axis could not be removed.
  • A security breach in jszip was found.
  • Removing data series from a chart would change the color of data markers.
  • The table name would display incorrectly after inserting a table column.
  • An exception would be thrown if a blank chart was saved using toJSON.
  • Inserting a copied row would change the height of the remaining rows in the sheet.
  • Importing a specific Microsoft Excel file with a PivotTable would throw an error.
  • The selected cell would...

Released: Nov 10, 2021

14.2.3 中的更新


  • Added support for Apple iOS 15 and iPadOS 15.
  • Accessibility content has been enhanced.


  • The value from a MATCH formula that references a PivotTable range was incorrect.
  • A custom formula would not show in edit mode.
  • The workbook would not display correctly after switching sheets.
  • The context menu would not work correctly after 14.2.0.
  • The “Margun Gothic” font was missing in the designer font dialog.
  • Specific keyboard shortcuts were not working.
  • The merge cell operation was not synchronized...