CodeRush Ultimate 21.1

5月 26, 2021 - 14:25


Rush Snippets for VS Code

  • This release introduces the Rush Snippets extension for VS Code - code snippet templates for TypeScript, React, and Redux projects. Template snippets are easy-to-recall shortcuts you type into VS Code that expand into larger blocks of boilerplate code developers create all the time. Rush Snippets can help you declare code more efficiently, with fewer keystrokes, fewer mistakes, less physical strain, and an overall lower cognitive load.

Performance Enhancements

  • Significantly Improved Startup Performance - CodeRush now loads up to three times faster than previous versions. To achieve this result, the entire code engine responsible for interaction with Microsoft Visual Studio was rewritten, and CodeRush internal services were optimized to speed up their load times.
  • Improved Editor Performance
    • Optimized code completion features: Format Items, IntelliRush, Naming Assistant, Smart Dot, and Smart Semicolon.
    • Improve rendering speed for Rich Comments, Spell Checker, and Unused Code Highlighting.
  • Even Faster Unit Test Runner
    • Faster test discovery engine.
    • Faster test run startup speed.
  • Sync Namespace with Folder Structure Refactoring
    • Fixed an edge-case performance issue with the Sync Namespace with Folder Structure refactoring.

Blazor Support

  • Declare Providers - CodeRush declaration providers are now available in @code sections in .razor files. You can instantly declare local variables, methods, parameters, fields, properties, and constants, with declaration type intelligently inferred from the surrounding code.
  • Code Templates for DevExpress Blazor Components - Added powerful new code templates to help you quickly create many of the popular DevExpress components for Blazor.

Records Support (C# 9)

  • CodeRush adds C# 9 record support to the following features:
    • Declaration Providers: 'Declare Constructor' and 'Declare Delegate Members'.
    • Implementation Providers: 'Implement ISerializable' and 'Implement IComparable'.
    • Refactorings: 'Rename Type to Match File' and 'Declare Partial Class Part'.
    • Organize Members: You can now add Record rules to Organize Members.
    • Code Places: Code Places now supports records.

XAF Code Templates

  • You can now expand code templates in XAF (eXpressApp Framework) to quickly create controllers and actions.

Code Analysis

  • Exclude Generated Code from Analysis - CodeRush now allows you to exclude files and code regions that contain generated code from code analysis and code cleanup. Just open the Editor | All Languages | Generated Code options page, and add any file patterns or title text for regions you want to bypass during analysis and code cleanup.
  • Analyze Code Out of Process - You can now include CodeRush diagnostics in Visual Studio's background analysis. This means you can analyze your code out of process, in Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 v16.8 and later versions.

Unit Testing

  • Test Runner - UWP Support - The Test Runner now allows you to run and debug MSTest unit tests for Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps.

EditorConfig Support

  • Code Formatting - CodeRush now uses Visual Studio's format settings defined in the EditorConfig file. EditorConfig settings override any formatting preferences set in the CodeRush Options dialog.
  • Naming Conventions - You can now configure naming conventions in CodeRush using the Visual Studio's naming styles options as well as the corresponding settings in the EditorConfig file.

Coding Assistance

  • Smart Dot Enhancements - You can now quickly multi-press the dot key (".") when the caret is inside parens in a method call with parameters. CodeRush will move the dot and caret outside the closing parenthesis, allowing you to quickly access a member of the method’s return value. Each additional press of the dot key will move the dot out to the right of the next closest closing parenthesis.
  • You can also place the caret inside square brackets ("[ ]"), for example, in a list element or array element, and double-press the dot. CodeRush will move the dot and caret to the right of the closing bracket.

Organize Members

  • Improved Organize Members Options Page - The Organize Members options page is easier to use:
    • The "Group by" section now contains an improved filter editor that simplifies group rule creation.
    • The new Duplicate button copies the selected rule, adding it to the end of the list.
    • You can now drag & drop rules in the list. To change a rule's position, simply drag and drop it where you need it.
Analyze Code Out of Process

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