DevExpress Reporting 21.1

添加本机 Blazor Report Viewer(报告查看器)组件。
5月 26, 2021 - 14:26


Microsoft .NET 5-compatible Microsoft Visual Studio Report Designer (CTP)

  • You can now design reports for .NET Core and .NET-based apps within Visual Studio. This new Report Designer is fully functional: you can bind reports to data, use report wizards and data sources, drag and drop report controls/fields onto the report design surface, and execute report-related operations.
  • All reports migrated to .NET 5 should function as expected within apps that have already been converted to .NET 5 SDK.
  • Also enhanced theObjectDataSource and Entity Framework data sources. You are now able to discover custom types defined in your assemblies and projects built against .NET and .NET Core.

All Platforms

  • PDF Export - Tagged PDF - The PDF export engine can now produce tagged PDF documents for those who use screen readers and other assistive technologies.You can export documents that conform to the following standards:
    • PDF/UA.
    • PDF/A-1a, PDF/A-2a, PDF/A-3a.
  • DevExpress report controls ship with a new AccessibleDescription property. This property maps alternate text for PDF elements and allows you to describe the control's visual content and make it accessible to screen readers.
  • New Barcodes - Identcode and Leitcode - v21.1 extends the barcode library with two new barcode types:
    • Deutsche Post Identcode.
    • Deutsche Post Leitcode.
  • Use the new DeutschePostIdentcodeGenerator and DeutschePostLeitcodeGenerator classes to generate Deutsche Post Identcode and Deutsche Post Leitcode barcodes at runtime.
  • Federation Data Source - Fluent API - The Federation Data Source allows you to combine data from multiple sources. This release implements a Fluent API that allows you to create transformation-based operations to these sources. You can flatten and unfold columns, or apply the two operations together.
  • Microsoft Excel Data Source - Binding by a Sheet Index - Added a new WorksheetIndex property that simplifies binding to Excel files. The property allows you to bind a report to a specific Excel file sheet by index. You can use this property instead of the 'WorksheetName' property when you don't know the name of the sheet to which you want to bind a report and/or to avoid mistakes with sheet names.


  • New Native Blazor Report Viewer - The new component targets the Blazor Server platform and features the following built-in features/capabilities:
    • C# Public API.
    • Print / Export.
    • Toolbar UI.
    • Bootstrap Theme support.
    • Parameters Panel.
    • Drill-Down support.
    • Interactive Sorting.
    • Edit in Print Preview.
    • Zoom support.


  • Document Viewer - Section 508 Compliance and WAI-ARIA Support - The Web Document Viewer component now addresses Section 508 standards and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.
  • Document Viewer - Print/Export Reports in the Same Browser Tab - The DevExpress Web Document Viewer can now export and print a report within the same browser tab. Use the ExportSettings.UseSameTab property to toggle this option.
  • Web Report Designer - Multi-Tenant Support - You can now restrict access to data by user. User access may be restricted to specific rows and columns within a table. Use our new service (ISelectQueryFilterService) in your multi-tenant environment to filter every SELECT query before it is executed (to retrieve data for the Document Viewer, Report Designer's Preview, or Query Builder).

WinForms, WPF & Visual Studio

  • Report Design Analyzer - Improved and renamed the Report Designer Script Errors panel to Report Design Analyzer. This panel helps you avoid design-related mistakes that can affect document appearance and generated export files.
  • With this release, the DevExpress Report Design Analyzer tool is available for Visual Studio Report Designer, DevExpress WinForms and WPF End-User Report Designers. It scans your report for changes on the fly, points you to report layout issues, and lists actions you can take to avoid potential errors.
  • You can filter errors and warnings using the following categories:
    • Layout Issues.
    • Scripts Issues.
  • Document Generation Issues.
  • New MongoDB Data Source - The Data Source Wizard now features a new data source that allows you to bind a report to a MongoDB instance. You can create queries to database collections and specify filter conditions for your queries.
  • Report Designer - Custom Expressions in Filter Editor - You can now use report parameters as left-hand operands.
  • UX Enhancements - The Visual Studio and End-User Report Designers v21.1 ship with the following UI/UX enhancements.
    • New smart tag icons for report controls and the report itself.
    • The Report Explorer now lists available data sources.
Blazor Report Viewer

DevExpress Reporting

用于 WinForms、WPF、ASP.NET、MVC 和 ASP.NET Core 的报告功能。


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