Eyeshot Professional 2021.2

添加对 Parallel2D(并行二维)铣削策略和 APT 工具的支持。
6月 11, 2021 - 13:48


  • Parallel2D milling strategy.
  • APT tool support (for simulation only).
  • Stock by geometry.
  • Tool holder collision detection during simulation.
  • SimulationTimeline UI element.
  • 3x milling GCode import and simulation.
  • VolumeMesher class to convert BRep objects in TET4 or TET10 FemMesh.
  • Model.SmallSizeRatioStill and Moving properties to control small object culling during still and moving frames.
  • ICurve.GetTightBBox() method for exact bounding box computation on curves.
  • New Code Samples:
    • Slicer for 3D printing.
    • Shaders.
    • Measure for 3D measures on BRep object vertices/edges/faces.
Eyeshot Professional

Eyeshot Professional

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