Eyeshot Professional

Eyeshot Ultimate is a .NET control that allows developers to easily add CAD functionality to WinForms and WPF applications. It provides tools for building geometries from scratch, analyzing them using the finite element method and generating toolpaths from the data. Geometries can also be imported or exported using CAD exchange file formats.

Eyeshot Key Features

  • Optimized shader-based rendering for OpenGL and DirectX
  • Advanced GPU effects: real-time shadows, reflection panes, silhouette edges, optimized transparency and multi-layer texturing
  • WorkUnit class: asynchronous modeling made easy
  • Asynchronous import/export of CAD exchange files
  • Surface reconstruction from point clouds
  • Analytical hidden lines removal
  • 2D/3D Finite Element Analysis
  • Area and mass properties
  • Multi-touch support
  • FEA mapped meshing
  • Construct 3D volumes from any...


Eyeshot Professional 2021.3
Eyeshot Professional 2021.3
添加对 DWG 导入中嵌入图像的支持。
Eyeshot Professional 2021.2
Eyeshot Professional 2021.2
添加对 Parallel2D(并行二维)铣削策略和 APT 工具的支持。
Eyeshot Professional 2021
Eyeshot Professional 2021
添加 PDF 导入、本机图案填充图元和改进后的小文本呈现。
Eyeshot Professional 2020.3.428
Eyeshot Professional 2020.3.428
在 VectorViews(矢量视图)中,用折线和圆弧代替数千个微线性线段。
Eyeshot Professional 2020
Eyeshot Professional 2020
添加 RootBlock 范例和无缝程序集导航。
Eyeshot 12 build 520
Eyeshot 12 build 520
使用 Octree 提高网格截面速度。

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EyeShot Developer Subscription License: Each developer that uses the product must have their own license。 You can install on up to three machines as long as the DOMAIN/USERNAME used for logging in...

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Excellent component. Easy to use. Wrote my app in about 6 days. Documentation could be better.