TestCafe Studio 1.6.0

10月 11, 2021


  • TestCafe Studio v1.6 includes the latest version of the TestCafe framework - 1.16.1.
  • Added new cross-platform font - The TestCafe Studio UI no longer makes use of system fonts. Instead, the application includes a copy of Inter font to ensure a more consistent appearance across platforms.
  • Added new configuration options:
    • The Timeouts section of the Run configuration dialog now includes the following timeouts:
      • ajaxRequestTimeout.
      • pageRequestTimeout.
      • browserInitTimeout.
    • The Settings/Preferences dialog now includes the following new options:
      • Disable HTTP/2.
      • retryTestPages.
  • Improved the browser detection algorithm - This release contains a faster, more up-to-date browser detection algorithm. The browser detection process is now asynchronous. TestCafe Studio can detect browser installations parallel to other startup tasks.
  • Added support for stdout preservation - When TestCafe Studio runs a test, it now saves the test’s stdout and stderr streams to disk. You can find the output.log file in your test project’s report directory.
  • Added advanced debugging capabilities - Underlying product malfunction causes many TestCafe Studio bugs. To diagnose issues with the TestCafe Framework and the TestCafe Reverse Proxy, now launch TestCafe Studio with the --trace-logs flag. TestCafe Studio will now generate a debug log and place it in the testcafe_output.log file in the root folder of your test project.
TestCafe Studio

TestCafe Studio

用于端到端 web 测试的跨平台 IDE。


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