Aspose.3D for Python via .NET V24.1

Released: Jan 31, 2024

V24.1 中的更新


  • Added support for converting euler angle-based animation to quaternion-based animation.
  • Added the ability to export quaternion-based animation in FBX.
  • Added support for animation export in GLTF.
  • Added the ability to export euler-based rotation animation to glTF.
  • Added support for 3MF with assembled structure.
  • Improved resampling of keyframes when converting quaternion-based keyframes to euler angles.


  • Can not load ".JT" file in scene, file is JT 8.0.
  • Some quaternion result into NaN rotation.
  • Texture coordinates corrupted when resaving glTF files.
  • Some glTF files format cannot be detected.
  • Convert incomplete keyframe sequences to glTF may result in exceptions.
  • Meshes with negative material index cannot be converted to USDZ and glTF.
  • USDZ format cannot handle -inf and inf.
  • Cannot open USDZ files exported by THREE.js exporter.