Aspose.HTML for .NET

Aspose.HTML for .NET is an advanced HTML manipulation API to create and manipulate HTML documents within .NET applications. Developers can insert, remove, replace HTML nodes, extract CSS styles, navigate through HTML document either by NodeIterator, TreeWalker that is provided by traversal specifications, XPath or CSS selector queries. Furthermore, It allows HTML DOM manipulation via JavaScript through its own scripting.

Supported File Formats


  • (X)HTML
  • SVG
  • Markdown

Input Only

  • EPUB
  • HTML Template

Output Only

  • PDF
  • XPS
  • DOCX
  • Images: JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, GIF

Advanced .NET HTML Manipulation API Features

  • Create HTML pages from scratch.
  • Load existing HTML from file, stream or URL.
  • Implement W3C specifications.
  • Implement templates using template merger.
  • Fill the template with various data sources.
  • Render HTML Canvas 2D to PDF.
  • Add, replace or remove nodes.
  • Extract data from HTML documents.
  • Load EPUB and...


Aspose.HTML for .NET V22.7
Aspose.HTML for .NET V22.7
Aspose.HTML for .NET V22.6
Aspose.HTML for .NET V22.6
Aspose.HTML for .NET V22.5
Aspose.HTML for .NET V22.5
改进了 XPath 查询的处理和 CSS 分析性能。
Aspose.HTML for .NET V22.4
Aspose.HTML for .NET V22.4
Aspose.HTML for .NET V22.2
Aspose.HTML for .NET V22.2
改进了呈现为 SVG 时的字体选择算法。
Aspose.HTML for .NET V22.1
Aspose.HTML for .NET V22.1
通过添加对"引用可打印"编码的支持改进了 MHTML 文档转换。

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