Aspose.Total for SharePoint

Aspose.Total for SharePoint is a compilation of every SharePoint component offered by Aspose. It lets you can easily convert and combine documents within your own Microsoft SharePoint applications and support multiple document formats with high fidelity.

Aspose.Total for SharePoint includes the following document format apps:

  • Aspose.Words for SharePoint makes it possible to convert and combine word documents within Microsoft SharePoint applications. It supports format conversion with high fidelity as well as concatenate multiple files during conversion. API can be used to generate reports based on a Microsoft Word template document with data from SQL databases, XML files or SharePoint lists.
  • Aspose.PDF for SharePoint is an add-in that allows...


Aspose.Words for SharePoint V23.9
Aspose.Words for SharePoint V23.9
October 3, 2023新版本
Aspose.Slides for SharePoint V23.7
Aspose.Slides for SharePoint V23.7
July 19, 2023新版本
添加对将演示文稿转换为 Markdown 标记语言的支持。
Aspose.Words for SharePoint V23.6
Aspose.Words for SharePoint V23.6
June 13, 2023新版本
在 WMF 和 EMF 渲染中添加对高级版式的支持。
Aspose.Words for SharePoint V23.3
Aspose.Words for SharePoint V23.3
March 15, 2023新版本
添加对导入 DOCM 文件的支持。
Aspose.Slides for SharePoint V23.1
Aspose.Slides for SharePoint V23.1
February 3, 2023新版本
您现在可以从 HTML 文档中导入 MathML 公式。
Aspose.Words for SharePoint V22.12
Aspose.Words for SharePoint V22.12
December 5, 2022新版本
添加对在 DrawingML 图表中呈现线性趋势线公式的支持。

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Compatible Containers
  • Microsoft SharePoint 2019
  • Microsoft SharePoint 2016
  • Microsoft SharePoint 2013
  • Microsoft SharePoint 2010
  • Microsoft SharePoint 2007
  • Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0
  • Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS)
  • SharePoint Foundation 2013
  • SharePoint Foundation 2010