C++Builder Professional

C++Builder is a powerful C++ IDE that helps you create and test code once, before deploying modern apps to every platform. Whether you prefer a clean text editor or fast UI design, C++ Builder has it all. C++Builder supports you through the full development lifecycle to deliver a single source codebase that you simply recompile and redeploy. C++Builder Professional is suited for individual developers and small teams building desktop and mobile apps.

C++Builder Features

  • Modern C++17 - Featuring a Clang-enhanced compiler, Dinkumware STL, and easy access to Boost, plus common libraries like SDL2, and many more.
  • Windows - Modernize aging apps to support the latest versions of Windows with up-to-date responsive controls and Windows Store support.
  • High DPI & 4K - High-DPI support in the IDE, with full support for the latest 4k+ monitors, and cleaner and sharper fonts and icons throughout. Improved FMX High-DPI support for Windows and Desktop...


Save 15% with Embarcadero in December
Save 15% with Embarcadero in December
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SPECIAL OFFER: 15% discount on new licenses of Delphi, C++Builder, and RAD Studio 12 Athens until December 29, 2023!
用 Visual Assist 提高 C++ 编码效率
用 Visual Assist 提高 C++ 编码效率
November 9, 2023Product Update
C++ Builder 12 Athens 为 C++ 代码添加代码完成、代码导航和重构。
C++Builder 11.3 Alexandria
C++Builder 11.3 Alexandria
February 28, 2023新版本
您现在可以面向最新的平台版本,包括 Android 13 和 Windows Server 2022。
C++Builder 11.2 Alexandria
C++Builder 11.2 Alexandria
September 8, 2022新版本
添加对 Markdown(标记)和基于 VCL 的 HTML 预览的 IDE 支持。
C++Builder 11.1.5 Alexandria
C++Builder 11.1.5 Alexandria
July 18, 2022新版本
C++Builder Professional 11.1 Alexandria
C++Builder Professional 11.1 Alexandria
March 17, 2022新版本
代码完成提高了性能,并更新了 C++ 编译器和工具链。

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An Annual License allows the customer to use the licensed software for one year, download updates and request technical support。 At the end of the year the customer must renew their term license to...


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Operating System Requirements
  • Windows 10