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CodeIt.Right provides a fast, automated way to ensure that your source code adheres to (your) predefined design and style guidelines as well as best coding practices. SubMain take static code analysis to the next level by enabling rule violations to be automatically refactored into conforming code. CodeIt.Right helps to improve your software quality, ensure code correctness, find issues early and resolve them quickly. The Instant Code Review allows the running of a select set of rules in the background to provide real-time code issues feedback to developers in the Visual Studio Editor.

Instant Code Review
Instant Review allows the running of a select set of rules in the background to provide real-time code issues feedback to developers in the Visual Studio Editor. The feature highlights in the editor, code elements that triggered violation and shows a complete list of file code issues in the right violations bar (next to the scrollbar). The Violation detail window explains the nature of the issue, offers auto-refactoring options and the option to ignore (exclude) the violation. The feature can be turned on/off with a single click, supports multiple configurable user profiles that can be switched in the toolbar or right margin violations bar context menu.

Microsoft Guidelines and Best Practices
Rule set based on Microsoft .NET Guidelines, Framework Design Guidelines and industry best practices.

  • Naming Conventions
  • Performance
  • Security
  • Design
  • Usage
  • Exception Handling
  • Interoperability
  • Spell-checking
  • ... More ...

Automatic Code Refactoring
SubMain's unique IntelliFix technology will automatically remediate code smells and violations. CodeIt.Right will fix your code.

  • Helps to implement the violation suggestions by correcting your code smells automatically
  • Safe refactorings will save your time to correct and test code
  • Our rules are smart enough to offer one or more options to automatically correct violation
  • Correct violations one by one or all at once
  • Refactoring to Patterns - finds pitfalls, suggests options, automatically implements and corrects coding patterns like Dispose/Finalize, ISerializable, Custom Serialization, etc

"Not only does it tell you your Serializeable type should implement ISerializable, but with one click, it will make the fix for you."

Follow Your Own Standards
(not somebody else's) Configure the shipped rule set based on Microsoft guidelines and industry best practices to your needs, or define your very own standards.

  • Configure Rule Instances to fit Your coding standards
  • Defining a new Rule Instance entails picking the base behavior pattern and then customizing a couple of properties
  • Multiple Profiles - create your own subsets of Rules
  • Develop your own Custom Rules
  • Modify existing rules
  • Customize T4 Template based rules

Reducing the Noise
Suppress the noise and focus on what is important to you. SubMain's smart technology and built-in tools allow you to get false positives and noise down to zero and tweak the tool to your needs.

  • Multiple Profiles - create your own subsets of Rules
  • Define violation severity Threshold - drill down from most severe issues to simple warnings
  • Ignore auto-generated code
  • Ignore specific regions
  • Exclude Project, File, Rule, Violation
  • SuppressMessage attribute
  • All the above applies to the command line version as well

Automate Code Reviews
Manual code reviews are expensive as they take a lot of time and can be very boring. Many teams dislike manual reviews - some team members take them as a criticism. Many aspects of the code review process are rather mechanical and can be automated with the help of CodeIt.Right.

  • Automated code reviews are part of the routine
  • Faster and more efficient - developer invokes it and the tool finds the issues
  • (EE) Scan individual files before check-in - prevents the check-in until the issues are fixed
  • Scan all files before the build
  • Point out best practices - rather than going through the source code line by line by line
  • Fewer personalities involved - removing the negative team dynamics from the code review process

Team Features
It is critical for the team members to efficiently follow the organization standards and best practices.

  • (EE) Team Configuration Module
  • (EE) Analysis Module
  • (EE) Publish and share profiles, configuration, custom rules and updates with other Team members
  • (EE) Push Team Standards onto the Team members
  • (EE) VSTS Check-in policy integration - scan individual files before check-in
  • (EE) Gather and analyze Team usage statistics

Custom Rule SDK
CodeIt.Right SDK allows for fast and easy ways to define and develop Custom Rules that prevent application-specific issues from re-occurring and monitor adherence to organization specific standards.

  • Free SDK use license with your purchase
  • Develop your own Custom Rules
  • The convenience of the graphical Rule Wizard to genrate a custom rule template
  • Modify existing rules
  • T4 Template based rules option

Code Metrics
Use Code Metrics to gain insight into your applications' overall complexity and to spot potential problem areas that should be changed or tested. Code Metrics are also useful for analyzing code you may not have written, but have to maintain. (EE)

  • (EE) Member metrics
    • Cyclomatic Complexity, Lines of Code, Statements, Locals
  • (EE) Type Metrics
    • Depth of Inheritance, Fields, Methods, Properties, Events, Nested Types
  • (EE) Code Metrics
    • Types, Code Lines, Lines, Empty Lines, Comment Lines

Continuous Integration and Automated Build Process
Add CodeIt.Right into your Continuous Integration/Automated Build process as the first line of defense.

  • CodeIt.Right includes command line version
  • Suppress the noise - exclude less important violations in Visual Studio and use the list in the command line version
  • Use Severity Threshold to ignore minor warnings in the build process
  • Control output report formatting and content
  • Use custom Profile to create specific violation reports
  • Use it in nightly builds or smoke test
  • MsBuild and NAnt tasks are included

Includes extensive and customizable set of reports which you can take anywhere with you - print or export them. You can also generate your team guidelines document based of the profile that you configured, literally with a single click of a mouse.

  • Violations Report if you need to print them and take with you
  • Pivot View of the entire solution health
  • Generate your own Guidelines Document based on custom profile
  • (EE) Code Metrics report
  • (EE) Usage Statistics - pivot based report across all projects/solutions within the organization
  • Own your data - reports can be exported and printed

Integrated into Visual Studio
You would never guess it is not part of the Visual Studio

  • Analyze code in the Visual Studio
  • Quickly navigate to violation source code
  • Changes are highlighted in code editor
  • Safe Undo/Redo of the changes
  • (EE) VSTS Check-in policy integration - scan individual files before check-in
  • Languages - C# and VB.NET

CodeIt.Right is available in the following editions:

  • Standard Edition (SE) - appropriate for smaller teams. This is the baseline edition from the feature set stand point.
  • Enterprise Edition (EE) - optimized for structured teams of 10+ developers onsite or distributed/virtual as well as enteprises. In adition to the standard features the Enterprise Edition offers Team/Organization Policy Management, TFS Integration, Enhanced Reporting, Statistics and Trends, Code Metrics.
  • Personal Edition (PE) - for solo developers and freelancers who are not part of a team. Includes Standard Edition features as well as Code Metrics. Priced for personal use.