Codejock Calendar ActiveX

Codejock Calendar for ActiveX COM provides Windows developers with Outlook style calendar and date selection components. Easily create a calendar that can manage appointments arranged by day, week, work week, or month.

Features Overview

Codejock Calendar for ActiveX COM provides several options to choose from including Integrated Time Scale and Date Picker, Multiple Schedules, Day and Month Calendar Views, Microsoft Office and custom theme support, Multiple data formats including XML, MySQL, SQL Server and Outlook and much more. Calendar is included with the Suite Pro for ActiveX COM.

Standard Features

  • Integrated Time Scales
  • Integrated Date Picker
  • Custom Icon Support
  • Multiple Schedule Support
  • Edit Appointments...


Codejock Calendar ActiveX v19.0.0
Codejock Calendar ActiveX v19.0.0
添加对 Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 的支持。
Codejock Calendar ActiveX v18.5.0
Codejock Calendar ActiveX v18.5.0
修正了用于 SelectionChanged 通知的日历事件选择类型。
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Codejock 夏季促销
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Codejock Calendar ActiveX v18.4.0
Codejock Calendar ActiveX v18.4.0
MarkupPad 实用程序现在包括在日历安装包中。
Codejock Calendar ActiveX v18.2.0
Codejock Calendar ActiveX v18.2.0
DPI 支持已添加到日历和 DatePicker。
Codejock Calendar ActiveX v18.0.1
Codejock Calendar ActiveX v18.0.1
添加对 Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 支持、Office 2016 主题和对水平滚动条主题的支持。

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stanrosen HI, USA5 星

I wanted to add a calendar to one of my software products written in Visual Basic 6.  I prefer VB6 for it's speed, even though it is essentially a dead language.  When I saw Codejock Calendar in... 阅读更多