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ComponentSpace Email Checker Component provides full syntax checking of email addresses as well as domain verification and user name testing using SMTP. Select the level of checking you require from a fast syntax check, to a DNS server MX record lookup to ensure the domain name is valid and a mail server is configured, to finally an SMTP check of the user name against the mail server. Written in 100% managed C# code, the class library offers .NET developers sophisticated email verification from within their applications. Source Code available. ComponentSpace Email Checker Component is 64-bit, .NET Framework 4 and Visual Studio 2010 compatible.

ComponentSpace Email Checker Component may be used in any Windows or Web application by adding a reference to the assembly to access the classes in the KeyTech.EmailChecker namespace. ComponentSpace Email Checker Component is 64bit, .NET framework 4 and VS2010 compatible.

The EmailAddressChecker class lets you specify the type of check to perform. You may choose to check the syntax only, to validate the domain name also, or to do the complete check and validate the email address against the domains mail server.

Checking the syntax is the fastest check at it doesnt require communicating with a remote server. All email address formats, as specified by RFC-2822, are supported. For example, the following are valid email addresses:

  • "Key Technology Support"
  • "Key Technology Support" (we always do our best!)
  • "Key Technology Support"

Validating the domain name involves communicating with the domain's DNS server and retrieving the MX records that list the domain's mail servers.

Validating the email address involves communicating with the mail server using SMTP (RFC-2821) to attempt to determine whether the email address is valid. No email is sent to the user.

Please note that although the SMTP check can determine whether an email address is bad it cannot guarantee an address is valid as not all mail servers provide notification of invalid user names.

The email check may occur synchronously (blocking) using Check or asynchronously (non-blocking) using BeginCheck and EndCheck. A timeout may be specified.

All classes that raise events support a SynchronizingObject property. All classes report errors through the EmailCheckerException.

Main Features

  • Full syntax checking as per RFC-2822
  • Extract email address components including display name, user name and domain name
  • Domain name verification and DNS MX record lookup
  • SMTP check of the user name (no email is sent to the user)
  • Calling applications may make either synchronous or asynchronous calls
  • Asynchronous calls may either use events or callbacks
  • Specify a timeout
  • 100% managed code written in C#
  • Object oriented design specifically for the .NET framework
  • All error handling through .NET exceptions
  • Comprehensive Visual Studio .NET style documentation
  • VB.NET, C#, Web Service and Web Application example source code
  • Includes prompt free email support
  • Royalty free runtime
  • Source code available

This class library may also be purchased as part of the ComponentSpace .NET Internet Suite.