PowerTCP Telnet for .NET 关于

将全面远程登录和远程访问通信功能添加到任何.NET 桌面或 web 应用程序。

PowerTCP Telnet for .NET allows you to communicate with servers using Telnet, rsh, rlogin, or rexec. Designed for beginners and advanced developers with automated scripting and direct access to the data stream. Manages Telnet, rsh, rexec, and rlogin server sessions with fewer required lines of code, but greater flexibility. Ideal for .NET desktop and ASP.NET applications.

Dart PowerTCP Telnet for .NET Features include:

  • Common Telnet options are set using collections of options, and are automatically negotiated when the session is established
  • Telnet, rlogin, rsh, and rexec components can be used to access a real-time UNIX data source
  • Design-time visual interface supports interactive editing of client and server options
  • Execute allows Rsh and Rexec components to send commands and capture responses in one line of code
  • Scripting made easy with Login and WaitFor method
  • AutoReceive technology reduces code by managing all incoming data
  • More advanced options for Telnet can be easily programmed (samples are provided)
  • Supports SOCKS4 and SOCKS5 proxies
  • Comprehensive Stream-based design provides flexibility
  • Supports International character sets
  • Fully supports in both event driven (asynchronous) and blocking (synchronous) application designs
  • All components provide multi-threaded asynchronous functionality
  • All components allow user-interface events to process during synchronous use
  • All components are thread-safe on critical members
  • Debugging has been extended beyond run-time testing to a design-time Editor in every component that tests server operation without compiling. A real-time visual interface provides unprecedented debugging capability
  • Compliant with RFC 854
  • Includes a royalty-free license
  • Integrated Help 2.0 documentation includes over a dozen tutorials and a comprehensive reference guide with full support for dynamic help