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Component Toolbox OCX contains 53 licensed 32-bit OCX/ActiveX components for Outlook-style menus, enhanced tree view, advanced list box, calendars, edit controls, buttons, sliders, gauges, and much more. Speed time to market by using these fully documented (including dedicated help files for each component), and time-tested components.

Whether you're crafting a commercial product or an on-demand in-house solution you want to know that your choice of development tools perform beyond your expectations, are compatible with your choice of IDE(s) and have the functionality to meet your end-user's demands.

Component Toolbox is a comprehensive, value packed collection of components including Data Edit/Input, Dialogue, Calendar, Navigation, Animation, General Presentation, Rulers/Meters and List/Tree View components. Create fresh...

Developer License(s) One software license is required per machine。 Run-time royalty free。 Important - Please note that you will have to contact ComponentSource to receive an unlock key。 This key uses...


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  • ActiveX OCX
  • COM Add-in for Office 2000




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jimfryeUSA5 星
I have purchased this suite as well as the Solutions PIM v3.0. I mainly use VFP in my development. The tech support by email is quick and very professional. I find the controls to be excellent and was... 阅读更多


jmilamtxUSA1 星
From talking to the customer support line, this is not the first time that this has been reported as the prior reviewer stated. They just do not want to spend time fixing anything in the non .Net... 阅读更多