Extractor is a software text summarization engine. It consumes documents (text, html, email) and using a patented genetic extraction algorithm (GenEx) analyzes the recurrence of words and phrases, their proximity to one another, and the uniqueness of the words to a particular document. The engine returns a list of key words and phrases found in the document together with their relative ranking (how many times was the word/phrase found in the document) along with contextual links back to the position of the key word/phrase in the document itself.

Create relevancy from disparate sources of information. Integrate the Extractor Engine into your software applications enabling the summarization of documents into lists of keywords and key phrases with contextual links back to the originating document(s).

What is text summarization?
By definition text summarization is: To comprise in, or reduce to, a summary; to present briefly; quickly executed.

In terms of computer automated text summarization there are many definitions and implementations...

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SDK license includes unlimited Developers at a single physical location and Royalty Free for internal use only。 If the project using the Extractor Technology (SDK) is to be offered externally (ie...


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