EurekaLog 新版本发表

Released: Dec 25, 2023

v7.12.0.4 中的更新


  • Fixed an issue where some senders crash instead of graceful failure when a server is misconfigured and returns "unassigned" instead of an array.

Released: Dec 4, 2023

v7.12.0.3 中的更新


  • Ansi IDEs will now save bug report files as Unicode.


  • Added a workaround for RTL's bug (possible Access Violation on shutdown when displaying leaks dialog).
  • [Regression] Sending to Redmine fails to upload bug report file.

Released: Nov 19, 2023

v7.12.0.2 中的更新


  • Fixed an issue where EurekaLog may crash when GetTickCount wraps around to zero (rare).

Released: Nov 14, 2023

v7.12.0.1 中的更新


  • [Regression] Added missing files.

Released: Nov 9, 2023

v7.12 中的更新


  • Added support for Embarcadero RAD Studio 12 Athens.
  • Added workflow path from CLOSED to NEW/OPEN/REOPENED for some bug trackers.
  • Added ability to catch non-exception crashes in C++Builder, such as Abnormal Program Termination.
  • New option for EurekaLog's behaviour when processing secondary exceptions during processing.
  • Completely reworked internals of calling default RTL handler to allow proper feature functioning in all cases.
  • EurekaLog will now show call stack dump when EIP/RIP is invalid...

Released: Nov 28, 2022

v7.11.x 中的更新


Updated Jan 26, 2023


  • Added new "Strip embedded non-EurekaLog debug info" option and the --?el_strip command line switch for ecc32. This is analog of tdstrip.exe, tdstrp32.exe, StripTDS.exe, etc. tools.
  • Added a warning about an incorrect DLL configuration.


  • [x64] Possible range check error when displaying send results.
  • "Send entire log" option may send duplicate of the current bug report.
  • Various minor improvements.


Updated Nov 30, 2022


  • Custom/Help button...

Released: Jan 18, 2022

v7.10.x 中的更新


Updated Oct 12, 2022


  • Added support for Embarcadero RAD Studio 11.2 (update 2 for 11 Alexandria).
  • EurekaLog can now be packaged into a custom BPL package.
  • Options from BPL package will be used to initialize EurekaLog.
  • [C++ Builder] Added new '_TDSComplete' option which can now be used to turn off TDS processing for faster post-processing of Embarcadero C++ Builder projects (no line numbers will be added).
  • [C++ Builder] Added support for CLang/LLVM objects for memory features...

Released: Sep 21, 2020

v7.9.x 中的更新


Updated Nov 19, 2021


  • Added Microsoft Windows 11 detection.
  • Added support for buffered logging. Default is OFF. Can be enabled via --el_debug_buffering command line switch or when using the new ABufferSize argument in the ELogOpen function. Use the new ELogFlush function to flush buffer to disk before exiting process/thread.
  • Added uROCOMInit to PreInitUnits.


  • Fixed compatibility issues in the YouTrack API.
  • Fixed exception filter changes exception message in bug report...

Released: Nov 14, 2019

v7.8.x 中的更新


Updated Jun 21, 2020


  • Added support for RAD Studio 10.4 Sydney.


Updated May 8, 2020


  • Added support for FastMM 5.

v7.8.2.11 RC1

Updated Mar 10, 2020


  • Introduces integration support with Exceptionless*
    • Available in all supported IDEs.
    • Implemented similarly to other supported bug trackers.
    • Can configure sending to Exceptionless in EurekaLog project options.
    • Includes Exceptionless configuration guide.
  • Once configured:
    • Your application will submit bug...

Released: Dec 3, 2018

v7.7.8.2 中的更新

Updates in v7.7.8.2

  • Fixed: [Regression] Abstract error in TThreadEx / sending.
  • Fixed: [Regression] Adjusted sending timeouts.
  • Fixed: [Regression] Adding / removing EUREKALOG symbol to / from conditional defines for packages; please note that issue is still present on RAD Studio 2009, RAD Studio 2010 and RAD Studio XE - due to bugs in OpenTools API (OTA); issue is fixed for RAD Studio 2007 and earlier, and for RAD Studio XE2 and higher.