ExpressSpreadSheet Suite

Introduce advanced spreadsheet functionality into your software projects.



New licenses can only be purchased as part of Developer Express VCL Subscription.

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Introduce advanced spreadsheet functionality into your software projects.

ExpressSpreadSheet is a cross-platform spreadsheet control built from the ground up and fully optimized for both Windows and Linux operating systems. With only a few property settings, you can enable a wealth of features and give your end-users a degree of control.

ExpressSpreadSheet provides you an elegant way with which to introduce spread sheet functionality into your projects. You can also use the ExpressSpreadSheet to build advanced data entry forms since its ultra-flexible cell presentation architecture offers a high degree of UI control. Here is a brief list of benefits available to you when you start using the ExpressSpreadSheet.


  • Multiple OS Support - Includes VCL and CLX versions
  • Built in WorkSheet Support - The ExpressSpreadSheet gives you the ability to create workbooks with or without multiple sheets - ExpressSpreadSheet does not limit your creativity when it comes to addressing your customer's needs
  • Multiple Display Styles - With a simple property setting, you can enable MS Excel look and feel within your app
  • Custom Draw Support - Like other Developer Express technologies, you can fully control the appearance of the ExpressSpreadSheet via its Painter classes
  • Absolute and Relative Formula Addressing
  • Load and Save Data - The ExpressSpreadSheet allows you to load XLS files and save data contained within them to XLS files - while maintaining the current visual presentation (cell data formatting, cell styles, etc.). In addition, ExpressSpreadSheet provides the ability to save workbook contents to a stream (stream out) and then load this data from a stream to another workbook (stream back)
  • Built-in Operators and Functions - The ExpressSpreadSheet ships with many standard functions, thus simplifying formula construction right out of the box
  • Custom Function Registration - Flexibility and control lies at the heart of the ExpressSpreadSheet. We've included a large number of functions with the shipping control, but you can add your own custom functions when and as your needs dictate Full Cell Style Control - Individual cell formatting is fully supported. Customize cell border styles, background & foreground colors, brush & font attributes, vertical & horizontal alignment and text formatting
  • Cell Borders and Edge Styles
  • Fill Patterns
  • Background Colors
  • Text Formatting
  • Intuitive Cell Management - Patterned after the behaviors your users have come to expect from Excel, managing cells and their contents is easy
  • Merge/Split Cells - Merging and splitting cells in the ExpressSpreadSheet is not just easy, but it is safe. This means that the contents of merged cells are never lost. When the merged cell is split, all cells (except the primary) will contain their original cell values prior to the merge operation
  • Data Sorting - Like in Excel, the ExpressSpreadSheet gives you the ability to sort against one or more columns
  • Row and Column Resizing
  • Lock/Unlock Rows and Columns
  • Undo/Redo - ExpressSpreadSheet maintains a history of all formatting and editing operations, thus allowing you to undo/redo action(s) by pressing the Ctrl+Z and Ctrl+Y shortcuts respectively
  • Customizable Views - Because of its flexible design, you can control the display characteristics of the ExpressSpreadSheet to build straightforward data entry forms for your end-users
  • Superior Design and Architecture - ExpressSpreadSheet was designed to give you flexibility. For instance, Worksheet size, the number of open Books, length of Cell contents, linked Sheets, number of Rows and Columns are only limited by available memory and system resources
  • Full Printing Support via the ExpressPrinting System - If you own the ExpressPrinting System, you can easily print the contents of the ExpressSpreadSheet - you can even set a print area, just as you can with Excel