FastCube VCL 新版本发表

Released: Apr 22, 2024

2024.2.0 中的更新


  • Engine
    • Added infinite width mode to dynamic table object.
    • Added GeoJSON/TopoJSON support to map object.
    • Added a new TfrTreeViewControl.
    • Detail reports now save variable state for each detail tab when using DetailPage hyperlink.
    • Added the ability to change the signature hash algorithm.
    • Signatures for PDF and files have been improved and made uniform.
  • Exports
    • Added new export filters XLSX, DOCX in FastReport FMX.
    • Added a test program for PDF/SVG/HTMLDiv exports.
  • Lazarus
    • Added Lazarus support to...

Released: Mar 26, 2024

2024.1.0 中的更新


  • Added support for Embarcadero RAD Studio 12 Athens.
  • Added the ability to optionally use FastQueryBuilder in FastReport.
  • Transports
    • Added a new transport to S3 (AWS), save and download reports from your enterprise storage.
  • Designer
    • Added new editor for Memo object with syntax highlights (starts from Enterprise version).
    • Added Expression and syntax highlights in Memo object in the report designer workspace.
    • Added new field definition editor (replace of an old Alias editor).
    • Added ability to...

Released: May 16, 2023

2023.x 中的更新


Updated Sep 25, 2022


  • Engine
    • Added the ability to automatically select the font size to match the size of the "Text" object and its content (ContentScaleOptions property).
    • Added language resource editor.
    • Added frThreadSynchronizeProc variable to override the default synchronization procedure in FastReport.
    • Added implementation for UP/DOWN/MOVE mouse events for report script objects.
    • Added support for CADES_T and CADES_X_LONG_TYPE_1 signatures.
    • Added TfrxHtmlView.LoadFromString...

Released: Sep 28, 2021

2021.x 中的更新


Updated Oct 25, 2022


  • Added new 'TfcxSliceGrid.XAxisZone(YAxisZone).WordWrap' property which setups the word wrapping flags during cell size calculations.
  • Cell highlight colors are now exported when saving to XLSX.
  • Added new 'TfcxXLSXExport.ExportColumnFieldsTitle' (XLSX export) option to disable the exporting of column dimension titles.
  • Updated English and Spanish resources.


Updated Feb 14, 2022


  • Fixed error when Fields selection popup of CubeGrid is clicked...

Released: Jun 16, 2020

v2.11.x 中的更新


Updated Jul 8, 2021


  • Fixed stack overflow error on long list popup.


Updated May 31, 2021


  • Changed font of several forms from "MS Sans Serif" to "Tahoma".


Updated May 25, 2021


  • Added "Copy" menu item to the axis menu, which copies dimension values to the clipboard.
  • Axis position now changes on double click in the axis field popup.
  • Updated Greek locale resources.


Updated May 12, 2021


  • Added PreviewOptions, ReportOptions and PrintOptions...

Released: Feb 11, 2020

v2.10.x 中的更新


Updated Feb 29, 2020


  • Fixed TDate, TTime, TDateTime fields parse for Lazarus/FPC.
  • Fixed array out of bounds error in TfcxSliceGrid.


Updated Feb 11, 2020


  • Added expression support. Expressions allows simple calculations to be performed based on measure and dimension values and functions.
  • Added methods TfcxCustomNodePopup.ExpandAll, TfcxCustomNodePopup.CollapseAll, property TfcxCustomGrid.AutoExpandPopups (true by default) which defines whether to expand/collapse all...

Released: Mar 18, 2019

2.9 中的更新


  • Added TfcxCube.SaveExtras to allow saving of Filters and Charts together with cube.
  • New cube format version with ansi-strings in UTF-8 format for compatibility with .Net.
  • Added support for RAD Studio 10.3 Rio.
  • Added TfcxSliceGrid.OnAcceptDrag event which allows to control DragDrop operations in grid.
  • Added TfcxSlice.SyncronizeYFieldsWidth property which set width syncronization between axis level and field caption.
  • Added SliceGrid.OnDrawItem event.
  • Changed CubeGrid header draw and added drop...

Released: Sep 19, 2018

v2.8.0 中的更新


  • Added TfcxCustomGrid.OnCreatePainter event which allows to create an own grid painter.
  • Added group creation by condition in code and and in TfxSliceGrid menu.
  • Grouping and filtering through the axes context menu now handles selection.
  • Added TfcxCubeGrid.FilterManager property. If the property is set then grid shows filtered set of data.
  • Added class TfcxFilteredOrderedRecordSetProvider.
  • Added TfcxZoneRestriction.zrDontShowDropDown to disable showing of drop down window and a corresponding icon...

Released: Dec 7, 2017

2.7 中的更新


  • Added new export filter to Microsoft Excel 2007 (xlsx). The parameters of the export filter are identical to the Microsoft Excel (xls) filter.
  • Added support for RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo IDE.


  • Fixed names of TeeChart units in fcxpChartEditor.pas.
  • Fixed error with Null values in export to Microsoft Excel 2007 (.xlsx).
  • Fixed error reading milliseconds from XML.
  • Fixed stack overflow error in popup list of unique values.
  • Fixed text drawing using themes.
  • Fixed error creating measures with missed...

Released: Oct 26, 2016

2.6 中的更新


  • Added the ability to restrict user from slice reconfiguration. Restrictions should be set for each zone separately in the zone Restrictions property. For the moment 3 types of restrictions are implemented:
    • zrDontMoveItems - disable field list change for the zone. The restrictions prevents from add, remove and move fields in the zone.
    • zrDontShowPopupMenu - disable zone context menu popup.
    • zrDontEditItemProperties - disable zone/field property editor showing.
    • Several restrictions can be set...