Froala Editor

Froala Editor is a lightweight WYSIWYG HTML editor written in JavaScript that enables rich text editing capabilities for your applications. Simple to use, lots of features don't have to overwhelm the user with hundreds of buttons. The editor's smart toolbar can accommodate over 100 features in a simple interface, it groups all actions by scope into 4 categories providing an intuitive toolbar where every feature is easy to find and the most used ones are easily accessible.

Froala Editor Features
General Information

  • Easy to Integrate - The editor can be integrated in any kind of project in no time. It requires only basic JavaScript and HTML coding knowledge.
  • Popular - The HTML editor is popular among developers and it has plugins for the most popular development Frameworks.
  • Easy to Upgrade - Keep all your customizations separated from the editor folder and upgrading is just a matter of downloading the new version.
  • High-Quality Code - High quality code means LTFCE...


用强大的 WYSIWYG 编辑器提升您的 CRM
用强大的 WYSIWYG 编辑器提升您的 CRM
June 12, 2024功能焦点
Froala HTML Editor 为您的 CRM 提供尖端的富文本体验,使您能够快速构建漂亮的应用程序。
Froala Editor v4.1.0
Froala Editor v4.1.0
July 14, 2023新版本
添加对 Vue.js 3 的支持。
Froala Editor v4.0.17
Froala Editor v4.0.17
January 24, 2023新版本
清除格式(Clear Formatting)工具现在可从粘贴的内容中删除内联样式。
Froala Editor v4.0.15
Froala Editor v4.0.15
October 19, 2022新版本
改进了 Markdown 插件以帮助缓解 XSS 攻击。
Froala Editor v4.0.11
Froala Editor v4.0.11
May 10, 2022新版本
Froala Editor v4.0.3
Froala Editor v4.0.3
July 7, 2021新版本

价格从: $ 881.02

Perpetual License - Includes perpetual development and use rights, with version upgrades under Maintenance and Support。 Subscription/Annual/Term License - Licenses use of the software for 1, 2 or...


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Development Frameworks
  • Angular
  • Aurelia
  • Cake PHP
  • Craft CMS
  • Django
  • Ember JS
  • Gatsby
  • Ionic
  • Knockout JS
  • Meteor
  • React JS
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Sencha
  • Symfony
  • Vue JS
  • WordPress
  • Yii Framework