GhostDoc 新版本发表

Released: Apr 9, 2024

v2024.1.24100 中的更新


  • Added support for Microsoft Visual Studio on ARM64.
  • Added the option to use ChatGPT to generate XML Comments.
  • Optimized TOC for large help files to load asynchronously. Only works in hosted environment, doesn't work for local help file.
  • Added a new "Load Index Panel On Demand" option for Website help TOC async loading.
  • Added support for commenting local methods in a global statement of the hidden Program.Main method.
  • Added the "Auto-collapse XML Comments when open source file" solution option...

Released: Nov 26, 2021

v2022.x 中的更新


Updated Jul 9, 2022


  • Added support for the ArgumentNullException.ThrowIfNull method.
  • Improved summary when documenting interface that extends another interface.


  • Fixed issue loading references in some .NET Core projects.


Updated May 15, 2022


  • Added new IsLogToOutputWindow solution property that syncs file logging to Microsoft Visual Studio Output window.
  • Added new CHMFileName solution property to override the default filename that is used for the...

Released: Dec 15, 2020

v2021.x 中的更新


Updated Dec 15, 2020


  • Added Dark Theme for help documentation.
  • Added support for TypeScript language and projects. Currently supported in:
    • Document This.
    • Re-document This.
    • Document Type.
    • Document File.
    • Document Project.
  • Added backup error-recovery compliant parsing engine that improves the quality of comment templates generation in Document This/Type/File/Project, Comment Preview, and Build Help Documentation.
  • Now displays subscription information in the About window.
  • No...

Released: Mar 12, 2020

v2020.x 中的更新


Updated Oct 26, 2020


  • Added "Do not cache Comment Editor window" option to resolve issues rendering the Comment Editor.
  • Added new Command Line utility parameter /msBuildFolder to set the location of the correct version of Microsoft Build.
  • Added a backup code parser for when the primary fails to parse the latest syntax changes.
  • Build help documentation now includes a warning when a source file can't be parsed correctly.
  • Improved C# parser for default interface...

Released: Sep 17, 2019

v2019.3.19260 中的更新


  • Added new search dialog in rule/template editor.
  • Added two new menus Show Extension Path and Show Settings Path in Tools -> GhostDoc -> Help & Support.
  • Modified Constructor, Indexer, Event, Method, Property T4 templates to add "GroupSimilarExceptions" option to group (or not) exceptions when generating XML Comment.


  • Issue rendering tool windows in VS2019.
  • Tags TODO/autogenerate no longer added when updating existing comment.
  • Issue when re-documenting Class after seealso is...

Released: Apr 10, 2019

v2019 中的更新


  • Added support for Visual Studio 2019.

Released: Jan 30, 2019

v2018.2.19030 中的更新


  • Added: Visual Studio integration - migrated to Async support with background load enabled. This minimizes the GhostDoc load on Visual Studio startup.
  • Added:<inheritdoc /> tag - added Options -> Solution Options -> General -> "Use <inheritdoc /> tag for inherited comments" setting. When checked, GhostDoc will insert the <inheritdoc /> tag instead of copying the base member documentation.
    Note: When using the <inheritdoc /> remember it is a custom tag and you...

Released: Nov 26, 2018

v2018 (Build 2018.1.18330) 中的更新


  • Added: Solution Ignore List patterns now apply to folders/path as well.
  • Added: Visual Editor improvement - when add a new section (e.g. <remarks>) the focus is set inside the new tag edit field.


  • Fixed: Improved performance loading solutions with node_modules by ignoring these.
  • Fixed: Occasional progress indicator ("Loading...") after closing Visual Editor.
  • Fixed: Issue in C++ code when using Document This with Visual Editor enabled.
  • Fixed: Issue of Visual Editor ignoring the "Keep...

Released: Nov 6, 2018

v2018 中的更新


  • Visual Editing for XML Comments.
  • New menu and VS command - Document Project - can now generate XML Comment templates for a whole project.
  • Support for C# 7.2 and VB 2017 syntax.
  • The base web help documentation themes are now frameless. Original frame-based themes still shipped under new names.
  • Support for Code Contracts when generating help documentation.
  • Support for the <inheritdoc /> tag - in the XML Comments as well as the generated help documentation.
  • Added VS IntelliSense file...

Released: Mar 9, 2018

v5.9 中的更新


  • Fixed: Resolved VS2017 Update 15.6 compatibility issue.