Heimdall Database Proxy 许可

如果您需要讨论您有关Heimdall Database Proxy的许可要求,请联系我们Heimdall Data方面的许可专家。

Licensed based on proxy, CPU core increments.

Size Your Proxy
Add up your database CPU cores, and take 25% for the proxy cores.

Example: for 64 database cores, begin with 16 proxy cores.

For Data Warehouses, proxy sizing will require testing.

Standard Edition

  • Active/Standby Failover only
  • Query Caching
  • Read/Write Split for ACID Compliance
  • Connection Pooling

Enterprise Edition

  • Active/Active proxy auto-scaling
  • Standard Edition Features
  • Active Directory Integration for one LDAP server
  • Enterprise level support

Enterprise Plus Edition

  • Multi-tenant customer routing for SaaS platforms
  • Active Directory Integration for large scale
  • SQL Security (Data masking, GDPR auditing, Honey-tokens)
  • All Enterprise Edition features

Technical Support Tiers
Standard Edition: Best-effort.
Enterprise Edition: Guaranteed service level agreement.
Enterprise support with a dedicated Technical Relationship Manager.